Advice 1: What is the chronometer wristwatch

Wrist watch is especially important to create the image of men, they can tell a lot about him. Chronometer is considered the best option for demanding and punctual men. This is a prestige model, without a lot of boxes and arrows, their main advantage - maximum accuracy.

The history of the chronometer

Chronometers appeared in the 18th century, on the background of the cuckoo clock it was a real breakthrough in watchmaking. With their help it was possible to determine longitude, which is vital for ships, so this device quickly became popular among the sailors.

Since then it has been over 250 years, and the design has remained virtually unchanged. Today timepieces are made from other materials and using other technologies, but also remain a symbol of precision and immutability.

The key to accuracy

The chronometer can only be called a very accurate watch, the last series of tests and received a certificate from the Swiss COSC company. Specially created for them 3159-1976 the ISO standard that defines test conditions and requirements for "applicants". The tests are all, without exception, the mechanisms by dropping out 3-5% of marriage.

Modern technologies allow to carry out tests with virtually no human intervention. It makes me feel not ready to watch, but only the mechanisms, equipped with temporary arrows and a temporary motor. The stand is placed immediately to 100 mechanisms are then fixed time at various positions and temperatures. Data is read by a laser, processed by special software - and after a couple of decades ago, a precision clock-controlled operators, recording the data in the table.

Chronometer or chronograph

Don't confuse a chronometer with a chronograph. Chronograph - a popular feature on many hours, not having to of the increased accuracy is irrelevant. It's small Windows on the main dial, with their arrows and independent course. The chronograph can show, for example, the time in another time zone, minutes counter and hours stopwatch, minute drive.

How to check whether watch is a chronometer

Because clock accuracy is strongly influenced by gravity and the temperature of the air, to check will need to create different terms of use. Should put the watch on the table face down for a day, then dial up, also on the day. May vary course and other positions: crown down or up with the number "12" up or down. It will be interesting to check the accuracy of the hours at different temperatures, for example, at +8 ° C and at +25C.

If you watch chronometer, the accuracy of the position does not change, the error margin is only -4/+6 seconds per day. To change the temperature as the boundaries are even more rigid - no more than 0.6 seconds per day.

Advice 2 : Than watches differ from chronograph

For women, there are rings and earrings, bracelets and chains, brooches, finally. In General, all that is needed in order to sparkle, to strike, to indicate their high status. And what is left for men? Cufflinks? The clamps on the tie? Yes, but most importantly – watch. In severe ascetic male fashion this is the accessory that takes on the role from all women's stuff together. But watches are different. And then there are timepieces, and chronographs. We understand, than they differ from each other.
Than watches differ from chronograph

Familiarity with chronograph

Many confusing concepts such as the chronometer and chronograph, mistakenly believing that it is one and the same. But it is misleading. A chronometer is just a very accurate mechanical watch. But a chronograph is a device that measures not the time, and set time intervals to fractions of a second. Roughly speaking it's a high quality stopwatch. Despite the fact that the device of the chronograph independently, it is usually embedded in the watch. System chronograph and clock system – two independently functioning systems that do not intersect.

Previously, the chronograph was widely used in aviation and shipping. It gave him a few brutal spirit, and today it is believed that the chronograph are confident, bright and strong men. But watch today carry almost everything, and bold, and not, therefore, stand out at the expense of ordinary hours is not possible.

Interestingly, the original chronograph was invented by a great lover of horse racing, the Paris watchmaker Nicholas Matthew Rescuecom. It was in 1821, and allowed him to record the results of the competition with unprecedented accuracy. From this we can deduce another difference from the hours of the chronograph watch over.

The difference of hours from the chronometer in the fact that on a normal clock single dial, and chronograph there are several, typically three. Also, the chronograph has several buttons on the case (three, usually).

Clock easier to use. For this there is only one wheel for mechanical plant. In the case of the chronometer you need to clearly know which buttons to press and why, otherwise it just fails.

Finally, the issue of price: a nice watch is cheaper than a good chronograph. So, the watch is not as prestigious and stylish.

What I can't watch

The chronograph can not only to time – the chronograph can be other scale. For example, the most common variant – Chrono with a tachymeter scale from the Greek takhus fast. This allows the chronograph to determine the speed of cars, trains.

Chronograph-telemeter (from the Greek tele – remote at a great distance) allows you to determine how far the object is, for example, a thunder or lightning storm.

Also quite common pulsometrija scale, which measures the pulse of the owner of the device. With this feature, chronograph popular among athletes.

Chronographs can follow the schedule of the tides in a particular area, you can perform mathematical operations (chronograph with a logarithmic scale), can control the duration of telephone calls, note the time of Parking or a sports match and many more.

Not to mention that in hours with chronograph in two times more mechanical parts than conventional watches. Therefore, there is a glass case chronograph, through which you can monitor all the mechanical work and wheels and gears. It fascinates and fascinates lovers of art and fine engineering solutions.

Of course, chronographs vary greatly in price depending on their abilities. In addition, they are far more expensive hours. But to answer the question of what to choose simple watch or chronograph watch, you need to understand what you want to achieve. It is known that most owners of chronographs don't use their functions. The subject needs them as a style element. So if you just need to know the time, choose watch at the same time will save. But if you want to push the boat out, then definitely a chronograph.

Advice 3 : How to use a chronograph

Most buyers watch movements with chronograph't imagine that there are certain rules for the use of such modern devices. After all, it is very reminiscent of a stopwatch.
How to use a chronograph


A chronograph is a special device that allows you to count the time by comparing the start and end of specified intervals. The first chronographs were very complex mechanisms, which literally drew the time on paper. The uniqueness of the chronograph is not in their ability to calculate time, and the ability to record very small it spaces, which is why the device – especially in today's tiny – so loved by watchmakers.

Often working chronograph Central hand showing seconds. And that's the main difference of this device from the stopwatch in that it can be used to count the required period of time and not need to switch the dial, therefore, will not interfere with the regular functioning of the clock mechanism, because the dial still shows the time and the chronograph will continue counting.

Chronograph in hours

To control the chronograph, you can learn in a jiffy. Often in hours provides only one single control button, so the rules of use are as follows.

The first time the button is pressed, it runs as a seconds and minute hand begins. Pressing the control button, the chronograph stops and records the length of time which has been counted. If it is pressed for the third time, the arrows will just go back to the starting position.

In addition, there is a clock mechanism, equipped with two buttons. The first of them either starts the countdown, or stop him, and the second one is needed to reset and return the shooter to the starting position.

It's also worth saying that are available and timepieces with chronographs that have a variety of additional functions. So, for example, the "fly-back" has the reset button the machine starts again the countdown. When you purchase a clock mechanism with the function "monopoussair" one button can realize the switch with the meter.

Today especially popular are the modern devices with chronograph and various functions. And the invention of the chronograph, and use it in the movement have made such a counter is simply irreplaceable for people involved in sports, carrying goods, travelers and hikers.
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