Before you start the course, is to figure out what is needed rope. This will make training more targeted and effective.

High ability to burn calories

Anyone interested in the benefits of jump rope will be pleased to know that this is one of the most effective equipment. At an average speed of jumping rope can burn 900 calories.

Now you do not need to abandon the tea party with her friends, referring to diet. Severe restrictions in food will remain in the past, is only to understand how useful the rope body and to learn how to jump.

In addition, this shell you can always take with you, and classes will not require much space. We can safely say that the jump rope can replace a personal trainer.

Physical impact

To the question, why the need for the rope, first and foremost obvious answer is to lose weight. Of course, you can jump and just like that, but the inventory sets the rhythm, makes the body work harder than normal and you never get bored during a workout.

What develops jump rope? First, the calf muscles and the muscles of the thighs. Due to this, the legs become toned, proportional, smoother. Yes, jumping rope can be visually reduce the curvature of the knee. In addition, if during the swing of the quads body building, they can become prohibitively high, while jumping muscles exercise and at the same time stretched.

In addition to leg muscles of a shell shakes the abdominal muscles. While jumping rope back stays straight, the stomach automatically tightened and strained. So work with inventory is one of the alternative exercises for abs.

Those who want to know what develops jump rope is more inquiry cardiologist. The specialist can tell how beneficial the projectile affects the heart muscle and blood vessels, prevents heart attacks and strokes.

Useful "side effects

Who has not tried to jump on the rope, must correct his mistake soon. This inventory is not only is cheap, easy to use and trains almost all muscle groups, it also has a beneficial effect on psychological health.

First, jumping rope put in order thoughts, relieve stress and protect against depression. Whatever the weather outside, you can always work out and lift your mood.

Second, the rope takes away precious time. No need to drive to a fitness club, spending more time on the road than in class. You can jump while watching your favorite TV series.