For the development of endurance, you must train constantly. Use walking, running, or other types of training without rest. The constant exercise that you can conduct with different intensity. Jogging can be long, medium or short depending on the level of physical fitness. Another way of constant workout is fartlek, when an athlete applies a different rhythm running or speed changes.
Interval training is break the training load or distance on a small repeatable steps. When running or walking, set in advance the parameters of the pace, the size of the distance and the time to restore spent energy.
To develop overall endurance, use constant, intense repetition and fartlek. The following set of exercises will allow you to get good results.
Continuous slow Jogging for 30 minutes in a easy pace, without rest.
Continuous slow on race day for 60-140 minutes in the rhythm of running a marathon or slower, without rest.
In the rhythm of the semi-continuous marathon running middle-distance within 30-60 minutes, without rest.
Fast fixed races within 10-45 minutes without rest.
Training with reps focused on aerobic endurance. Distance from 3,000 m to 10,000 m, with short-term rest.
Fartlek is a frequent change of speed and rhythm runs on the same course within 10-45 minutes without rest.
In other words, in the course of the training you need, for example, to do two sessions of running, ten reps at 200 m. the relaxation time after one run should equal time on the run, and rest between sessions should not exceed 5 minutes.
Try to keep track of your running pace, otherwise too active rhythm will not allow you to complete the session, and the slow will not be as effective. During a routine re-training to recover between sessions and repetitions can be passive, or in the form of light Jogging or walking. But the most popular due to its effectiveness in the development of endurance is fairly active running after the run."
When you are able to exercise for 30 minutes at a given pace, slightly increase the intensity or change the exercise. You can complete them more actively for 2 minutes, and then in normal mode following 2 minutes. Uniform alternating fast and moderate pace contributes to the development of endurance.