Jumping rope involves a large number of muscles, which at this point work with a high degree of intensity.

Total calorie consumption

Jumping rope is considered one of the most energy-intensive sports, surpassing in this indicator such popular activities as running, yoga or gym sessions. On average, exercise with this sports trainer for a one hour class can burn around 750 calories.

However, it should be borne in mind that the total calorie consumption can be adjusted significantly depending on several factors. The first of them - the intensity of training. In General we can say that the more actively you jump, the more calories you burn: obviously, the most effective in this context is the maximum frequency of the jumps of which you are capable. In particular, the energy consumption at a rate of 750 calories per hour are achieved at intensities of about 100 jumps per minute.

You also need to take into account the parameters involved. It is known that people having great weight able to burn more calories per unit of time at equal intensities with a person with less weight. This rule also applies to this kind of sports activities as jumping rope. So, for example, a person whose weight is 90 kg, in 15 minutes this activity can lose about 230 calories, while a person whose weight is 70 kilograms - only about 180.


Thus, jumping rope is a fun and interesting activity that can bring substantial benefits to your figure for a relatively short period of time. Of course, to achieve a noticeable effect should be given to this type of activity at least a few minutes a day on a regular basis then the results will not keep itself waiting.

However, in some cases, from jumping rope should be abandoned, despite their appeal. We are talking about the presence of the characteristics of the organism, the presence of which may lead to unpleasant consequences in the regular classroom with this athletic trainer. For example, if a person has a significant number of extra pounds, jumping rope can provide a significant load on the joints and lead to premature wear. By themselves, problems with joints should also be considered as a contraindication to this kind of training. Finally, jumping rope is better to refuse, if you have problems with the cardiovascular system. However, all of these cases does not mean that you need to put an end to sports activities: it is only necessary to select the most suitable for your situation activity.