First of all, jumping rope is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. This load increases the heart rate and breathing for a long time, not disrupting the balance between intake and expenditure of oxygen. Using these classes, by the way, you can easily get rid of shortness of breath and develop the vestibular apparatus.
During the execution of this exercise perfectly develops strength and endurance, improves coordination and jumping ability. Jump on the rope every day those who are professionally engaged in Boxing, football, Jogging and Cycling.
Jumping rope is also good pull-up figure, because while this involved many muscles of the body. Thus, this exercise allows you to efficiently train your back, arms, abs and legs. Jumping is particularly useful for those suffering from too much on the buttocks or thighs. After just a week of regular classes extra weight from this area will begin to leave.
Beneficial jumping and on the skin. It becomes more taut and elastic, and the effect of the notorious orange peel will begin to disappear. This is because the rapid and rhythmic movement for a long time, significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body. And it is far more efficient very best cellulite cream.
Another benefit of training on the jump rope – weight loss. During these movements the body loses more calories than when you are Jogging, Cycling and even tennis. Only 15 minute sessions burn up to 250 calories. Jumps can replace the daily jog during bad weather conditions such as winter or rainy day.
To achieve significant results from jumping rope, you should practice at least 15 minutes every day. And best of all twice – morning and evening. Before that you need to make sure to do a warm-up, perform the basic inclinations of the case and turns. Next is to pull the leg as high as possible to the chest and back to the buttocks. And, finally, to carry out joint exercises.
You should start gradually. If too hard, you can jump for five minutes with breaks. Of course, first class will be hard, but then the body to readjust, and you begin to enjoy this exercise. You can gradually increase the load up to 30 minutes a day and even to combine jumping rope with other exercises.