You will need
  • - rope or rubber rope.
To teach children to jump on the rope you can start from 4 years of age. Pick up the rope, respectively the growth of the child. Ask the kid to stand on the middle rope with both feet, pull the ends of the bent arms to the armpits. If the rope is long, adjust it.
Show how to hold the rope. Take it by the handles freely, the brushes do not strain. Skakalochka should be back and touch the floor. Let the kid himself will try to hold the rope.
Next, teach the child to rotate the rope. Children usually try to twist the entire hand, correct them to roll his hands (and arms should be slightly bent). If the child fails this movement, cut the rope into two halves, the child learned to turn the rope first one hand then the other and both hands together.
When the child learns simultaneously to rotate the skipping rope with both hands, begin to teach him to jump over. Do with him next exercise. Rise up on your toes and step on the heel and Vice versa. You can then add a rope, throw it, break turn each leg and repeat all the movements first.
Very good at helping to teach how to jump over the rope game tag. It twists the rope and playing should jump over it, pushing off the floor with both feet at the same time. Make the game more interesting, let the children jumping over a rope, waving their arms like birds.
Preparatory exercises will help to coordinate the movement of arms and legs, and eventually you will learn to perform several jumps in a row. It is also very important to teach children how to land properly on your toes, elastic and soft, descending to the entire foot.
At the age of 5 children can learn a variety of jumping forward, backward, moving, hopping from one foot to the other, crosswise. Let them invent games with a rope, and the kids will be happy to jump.