In talking about training with a jump rope some people needlessly paint yourself a mental image of the girl with the bow, jumping over the rope. Jump rope – an indispensable attribute of intensive training professional athletes and being a full-fledged sport that requires a very serious relationship.

The benefits of jumping rope

High efficiency workouts that involve jumping rope is a serious study of large groups of muscles: gastrocnemius, gluteus, back, abdominals, shoulder girdle and hands. In addition, the jumps contribute to the development of correct posture, train agility, flexibility and balance.

A nice bonus, along with strengthening the corset muscles, is the active fat burning in just 10 minutes of exercise the body spends about 116 calories. For comparison, to burn the same amount of calories, it will take more than 1.5 hours of fast walking or running for a distance more than 7 km.

Another indisputable advantage of such exercises is a good exercise of the heart muscle and lungs, stimulation of blood circulation, neutralization of cellulite. Jumping rope can be included in circuit training, allowing you to combine aerobic and weight training, is conducive to buying a beautiful body shape.

польза прыжков со скакалкой

Contraindications of jumping rope

It is important to remember that exercises with a rope belong to the high-intensity types of workouts, so it is not recommended to do on a full stomach, during the critical days, in the event of a headache or other minor ailments.

Owners of large Breasts and older women are recommended to pay special attention to the clothing, as vigorous jumping may adversely affect the shape of the bust and the appearance of the skin that loses its natural elasticity.

Categorically do not get involved in exercises with a rope to people who are overweight in excess of 15-20 kg of normal and suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also not training in diseases of the spine, joints, varicose veins, pregnancy, migraines, hypertension.


To jumping rope benefited from health and beauty, you should follow simple recommendations:

  • don't forget about warming up before a workout and pick up the rope in accordance with its growth;
  • do not jump barefoot, to avoid accidental injury to the legs;
  • for women it is important to choose the right equipment, good breast support during jumping;
  • if the classes are held in the home, you should not jump on the bare floor, pick a comfortable Mat, soothing the jumping;
  • during the landing go down the front part of the foot does not land on the heel or the whole foot;
  • keep legs slightly bent at the knees, practice fast and high jumping;
  • do not engage in too loose fitting, the edges of which may become tangled jump rope.

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