Jumping rope is an easy and accessible exercise. It has no age limits, height and physique. You can jump at home, in the Park, in the yard, even on the beach while on vacation. Jump rope provides the ability to watch TV, listen to music, chat with people during class. You can jump alone or turn exercise into a game where two people turn the skipping rope and several people to simultaneously jump in the center.
During diligent studies with frequent jumps in the average person weighing 70 kg is burned about 720 calories in one hour. Such practice its effectiveness is superior to running, Cycling, tennis and even swimming. The subconscious associates the jump with the period of childhood, the body produces hormones of joy endorphin. The jumper lifted the mood overshadowed all the worries and problems, feel better.
Exercises with a rope to increase endurance, strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Doctors agree that this cardio are a great prevention of heart attack. With respect to the figure regular jumping help to strengthen thighs, abs and calves. The legs become slender, toned and increased muscles smooth out their curvature. You don't need to look pumped.
To learn how to jump rope it's never too late. To begin practice jump with straight arms in a frequent rhythmic pace. Land on toes, heels not touching the floor. Then bend your arms at the elbows and add to the jumping rotational motion of the brushes. Take the rope in one hand and continue to jump, holding her outstretched slightly to the side. After you stop to get off and confused, proceed to the traditional jumping rope. Keep your back straight and elbows close to the body.
To choose a jump rope that is appropriate for growth, is very simple. Pick up the ends and position at chest level. The middle of the rope should touch the floor. The ideal width of the cord is the diameter 0,8-0,9 see Women who are into diving, it is also recommended to buy a special sports bra. It will prevent a change in breast shape. For lessons on the street purchase shoes with non-slip soles. To start training not earlier than 2 hours after a meal.