Aerobics rope

This form of fitness has gained in recent times a large number of fans. The advantage of training with a skipping rope is the fact that skipping can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour. Jumping help to strengthen your posture, develop flexibility and coordination. One of the advantages of such classes can be identified that they are suitable for people with any physical training, struggling with excess weight.

Exercise T-Tapp

This form of fitness invented by the famous coach and nutritionist Teresa Tapp. This method will be of interest to women over thirty. This system guarantees the loss of volume in the hips. The fat will essentially leave. Approximately two weeks leaving 2 centimeters. People with excess weight, it fits perfectly.

Belly dance

This occupation is a way to get rid of fat in the hips and belly, and also helps to pump up the press. It turns out that for 1 hour and burned 400 calories, while the daily intake required by the body is 2000 calories.

Water aerobics

Exercise to music in water great help to fight obesity, because the energy is spent not only to implement movements, but also to maintain body temperature in water. All this ensures the acceleration of metabolism in the body and therefore, helps to break down excess calories. One hour of exercise in the water can burn 600 calories. Aqua aerobics has gained great popularity among other weight loss methods, due to the fact that it is not exhausting, but it helps to have a fun time in the pool with benefits for your body. For the reason that the water body is forced to deal with the resistance, increases the ability to get rid of cellulite on problem areas of the body.

It is worth remembering that before starting any fitness, you should consult with your doctor.