Note the "Information about yourself". Personal data due to be bright and interesting, but concise. After all, young people should see your page from thousands. In this case, the information should be correct and reliable, even at the initial stage it is not necessary to build a relationship on lies and deception.
Avatar — here, many girls have problems. Do not make the main image some ridiculous pictures with captions. "I priceska", "100% bitch", "All women like, and I'm the Goddess", the photo on the background of the carpet, with bulging eyes and gathered in a bow lips — all of it amuses and irritates others. Besides these inventive girls in the social network enough without you. As for photoshop, you need to keep your hands to yourself — do not try to do ordinary cute girl on pictures of angelina Jolie or Kate moss using various brushes, filters and similar tools. After all, the date will have to go to you, not angelina.
Photos in albums - they should not be in the millions. Lay out the main photo on which you came out well. From hundreds of the same select 2-3 and add to the album. People should have an idea who he's carrying on a conversation.
Communicating with a man, be friendly and open, do not jump on it immediately with a huge number of questions - you are not an investigator, and he's not a suspect. Let the conversation flows smoothly and naturally.
Of course, the whole palette of feelings on the Internet is impossible to convey, but the big drawback compensates for a wide range of emoticons. Don't forget about them, thus emphasizing its mood and inner state in the process of talking to the guy.
Say and ask him about what you're interested. Men love it when they listen. Find out details, ask more questions - so he will understand that endeared you to her. Try to answer the questions immediately, to the feeling that the conversation takes place in real time as if you are sitting in a cozy cafe, sipping coffee and nice talk.
You are a woman, so intriquite. Do not rush headlong to meet him. Refer to the fact that you now have better things to do, but soon you will see. Let him think that you are a busy girl, don't live with the thought of meeting him. Man the hunter, this fact is only going to encourage it.
Be witty. But again - do not overdo it. Joking, of course, necessary, but the guy is a new man in your life. Maybe he's just not able to understand your subtle, specific sense of humor. So, before to say something, examine the perception of what is happening.
Share various links to videos, send each other music, pictures, jokes - so you can get to know each other better and to eliminate the awkwardness on the first date.
Be natural - this is the basic rule of communicating with people, regardless of where it occurs: on the street or in the network. People you have to accept who you are. And if this young man was not able to appreciation, then it will be replaced by another. The main thing is not to lose confidence in themselves and walk through life with optimism.