Goose bumps are small bumps that are located at the base of the scalp, they occur involuntarily. The reason for their appearance can serve as a sharp change of the ambient temperature or strong emotions such as fear, excitement, admiration. Feelings of this kind often accompanied by the words "goose bumps ran."

"Goosebumps" got its name because of the similarity of the same insects. A lot of them, and they are scattered throughout the area of the body.
Reflex, which leads to tingling, called the "pilomotor reflex".

This reflex can be explained like this: the nerve endings transmit signals about changes in environmental exposures. These signals go straight to the spinal cord parts of the brain. After receiving the signals the brain sends them to the peripheral nerves, which signals hair follicles. The result of this phenomenon, the muscles under the hair follicles tense up and raise the hairs. Raised the hairs hold the warm air at the base of the skin, it helps for a while to suspend the cooling of the body.

In medicine tingling called paresthesia. The appearance of chills is the body's response to nerve irritation or a decrease in temperature. Goosebumps disappear together with elimination of the irritant factor.

Also the cause of paresthesia can be the result of the fact that people stayed a foot or slept on it wrong. But if a person feels the emergence of chills all over my body constantly, then this is a clear sign that you should consult a dermatologist. The reason for this phenomenon can serve as overly dry skin or skin disease.

Paresthesia only in the lower extremities may indicate poor circulation in the feet and hands. It is quite dangerous, and in such situations, you should consult a doctor. The symptoms of this kind can lead to the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis and varicose veins. These symptoms does the doctor-phlebologist.

In humans, goose bumps can appear not only on the irritant factor or negative emotions. Sometimes this effect can be caused by intense emotions of a person or intense emotional background. For example, while watching an intriguing movie, and sometimes even of listening to music.

But "goose bumps" can be observed not only in humans but also in animals. Basically, this reflex is inherent in mammals, such as cats, dogs, chimpanzees and mice. It is their inborn reflex that is used for self-defense. The result is a raised hairline, the animal starts to seem more formidable, more.