Attempt to get rid of lipomas with the help of folk medicine use will bring. Its absorption does not occur by itself, and the self-diagnosis it dangerous. For normal Wen you can take a serious education, delay of treatment which may end in sad consequences.
The only way to cope with a Wen is its surgical removal along with the capsule. Incomplete or unprofessional removal entails the recurrence of the disease. If the lipoma is large in size, or it is located near important organs, thereby squeezing and disrupting their work, or there are cosmetic defects, it is all indications for surgery. Talc large size and located in remote areas removed under anesthesia. Sometimes requires hospitalization for a few days.
Before surgery, you need to pass tests: General blood analysis, HIV, prothrombin, INR, fibrinogen, RW, blood glucose and hepatitis B,C. If you have all the tests, the operation is possible in the same day.
Lipomas of small size, you can remove the radio-wave method under local anesthesia. This method has several advantages: the operation is bloodless and painless that you did not experience postoperative complications, such as tissue swelling, postoperative infections, sepsis. Recovery time as short as possible, and full recovery occurs on the fourth or fifth day after surgery. The wound heals without scar because it does not require suturing. 20 minutes after the procedure, you can go home, thus the health of the patient is not disturbed. Using radiologa fat education are removed together with the shell which guarantees from the recurrence of lipomas in this location.
Removal of lipoma is also possible for puncture-aspiration method. Wherein the needle lumen is introduced into the tumour, and by electric pumps removed the contents. After this method, the skin does not remain cosmetic defects, suturing is not required, and to go home after fifteen minutes. The only drawback of this method is the lipoma, which is composed of fibrous component, cannot be removed.