The implicit symptom of the disease is a small, painless, movable and tight bubble under the skin. Very often they are formed on the neck, face or torso that is why they are often confused with talc, which is something similar to atheroma. They develop very slowly, but over time, may start the inflammatory process.

If sebaceous cyst was infected, the symptoms of the inflammatory process more apparent: redness of the human skin, there are painful sensations of skin, increases the temperature of the skin outside the lesion stands out a bit colorless liquid when you press the atheroma.

But painless, moveable and eye-catching education can not be ignored. Especially when you consider that clicking education can blush, to hurt and to select the contents. Thus it is necessary to consult a doctor who will provide all the necessary treatments. In most cases it is enough just to inspect and for cosmetic services or palpation of skin, but sometimes you have to resort to biopsy in order to exclude the possibility of further development of the disease and its consequences.

It is possible that sebaceous cysts can appear on the hair follicles, because they are very often injured and can cause blockages in the sebaceous glands. Often atheroma leads to the cyst after trauma to the skin.

One small sebaceous cyst on the sebaceous gland may cause a failure of all the excretory process, then the selection will start with great force and will bring great harm to the body. It is therefore not necessary to delay her treatment, and immediately upon the slightest symptoms, consult a doctor to prevent such issues.