Advice 1: How to get rid of bumps on nose

The lump is a benign formation on the skin. As a rule, it does not change its structure, but have a tendency to sprawl. Such skin lesions can appear on any area of the body and face. Quite often they can be seen on the nose. It should be noted that treatment and disposal of such cones can only deal with the doctor. Do not try to be treated independently, as may the growth and suppuration of the cones.
How to get rid of bumps on nose
If the lump on the nose innate, then most likely it is benign nasal glioma. Such education does not bring any pain or discomfort. With age they grow, not only on the surface of the skin and inside the nasal passages. In some cases, these bumps can impede breathing. In this cases it is necessary to remove them through surgery.
Aratama is a small lump that is caused by the blockage of the sebaceous glands. In most cases, this build-up is formed as a result of violations of the outflow of sebum. In the early stages of development anatomy painless. By far the most popular method of eliminating this defect is laser surgery, which is absolutely safe for health. This method of treatment can only be used in the early stages of development of the cones. In another case, it is necessary to resort to surgical section.
Sometimes a bump on the nose could be a fibroid — a benign tumor of connective tissue. Such formation can be as soft to the touch and solid. Sometimes this bump has a leg. To eliminate such a defect can only be surgically removed.
Bumps on the nose is pink, reddish or dark color may represent a hemangioma, which typically appear in childhood. This growth represents a subcutaneous accumulation of blood vessels. The reasons for the formation of these cones is not fully understood. Quite often with age, they just disappear. But sometimes I start to actively grow, destroying surrounding tissue. In the presence of such bumps need constant supervision at the doctor.
After the consultation with the doctor can use the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, a very good effect has a Golden mustache. Tear the leaf of this plant, mash until the juice, then put on the cone and close up the top with plaster. The course of treatment is 10-12 days.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the bumps

Our life is full of surprises. And this is something one does not exclude the occurrence of injuries, especially during sports. Of course, serious injuries can happen, but the bumps and bruises it is virtually inevitable. Bumps and bruises – injuries, of course, still not serious, but they can give a lot of problems, for example, if you put a lump on his forehead.

What to do in this case? How to get rid of the bumps? For this there are several methods of folk medicine.

  1. It was said that to remove the lump can with a penny. To date, this statement cannot be taken literally. The fact that this recipe was born when penny was copper. Modern five cents is significantly smaller in size and made from a different alloy. Therefore, the recipe can be rephrased in the following way. To remove the bump, it is necessary to attach the cold copper coin. It is cold and copper give a dispersion effect.

  2. In such an unpleasant situation can help just a very cold compress. Should be made to lump a piece of ice or a hot water bottle with ice. You need to keep for as long as the ice doesn't melt. Along with him will resolve the lump.

  3. Folk medicine recommends in such cases to put a piece of frozen meat such as frozen chicken.

  4. One of the remedies for getting rid of lumps is the raw potato. Grate it on a grater, put in a piece of bandage or gauze and apply to the bruised places. The lump will resolve quickly.

  5. Well to deal with cones ordinary iodine. Apply for a lump iodine grid to its complete disappearance. Apply the mesh you need as absorption of iodine. Lump it is necessary to grease with iodine, in any case can not be applied soaked with iodine swab. Iodine is strongly effective mean, in large quantities it causes serious burns.

  6. In addition to folk remedies, there are medical drugs that promote the resorption of hematomas. To treat the bumps will help the ointment Lioton 1000 and Caffeine. Spread the bump will have some time until its complete disappearance.

The above tools help not only from bumps on the forehead, and bumps that may occur as a result of prolonged injection. To get rid of the bumps after the injection will help fresh cabbage leaf or a slice of raw beet. Regularly attach to the sore spot and the lump goes away quickly.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of bumps on forehead

Each person had in childhood bumps on the forehead. Then still we did not give this trouble a great value. The main thing – that the injured part does not hurt. If a bump occurs in a child on the head, we know that the best remedy is to apply ice to the newly bruised spot. But when the lump persists for a long time, we begin to worry and don't know how to help our baby. There are several popular ways to help get rid of the bumps.
How to get rid of bumps on forehead
To lump sleep and reduce pain, use cool gadgets, which change as they heat. POI is the confluence of days from the date of injury, the necessity in cold lotions is eliminated. Now the damaged area can warm up. A warm compress will help relieve swelling and swelling, and, resorption of hematomas.
Help mask.
To prepare for the sealing mask: mix 0.5 tablespoons of St. John's wort tincture, one tablespoon of Hercules (ground), one tablespoon water, one tablespoon of olive oil and add ten drops of vitamins A and E. Apply the mask on place of injury for 10-15 minutes the Mask will reduce inflammation.In order to prepare an infusion of St. John's wort: take one teaspoon of the herb St. John's wort (dry) and pour a little boiling water.
Help cabbage leaf and mint.
Take a fresh cabbage leaf and attach it to the bruised spot for a few minutes. Similarly, use peppermint: apply to forehead, right on the cone, fresh mint leaves.
For headaches of various origin are encouraged to snort the dry powder medicinal letters or you can chew the bark of the roots of the prickly caper.
Help thyme.
Can get rid of the pain in the head, if will be applied to the forehead fresh leaves of the medicinal thyme. It is well known that a decoction of thyme, helps even with memory loss, if they just wet the head.At constant headaches in children: put into a linen bag a bundle of dried immortelle and make a pillow. The baby needs her sleep all night, then the grass, remove from the bag and cook. The decoction of water or wash your hair.
You can get rid of bumps on your forehead, using medications such as heparin ointment, troxerutin (this is the same caffeine, which is much cheaper), troxevasin gel lifeguard (absorbable cones).
Any of these tools spread on the bump, it will immediately stop hurting, and in a few days disappear altogether.

Advice 4 : How to treat bumps on forehead

When there is a drop, it may affect the forehead – is a lump. From a medical point of view, this injury is called a hematoma, that is, broken blood vessels, this forms a cavity in which the blood accumulates.
How to treat bumps on forehead
The first thing you need to do is apply cold to the site of the injury. When you were little, probably often fell. The mother applied to the injured place a cold spoon. As soon as it heated – immediately applied another. Do the same, but remember that it removes the swelling immediately after impact. Better if the spoon is silver. If there was no spoon, then attach a copper coin or bottle of cold water, and better tin can. Do a circular motion, as if rubbing the place of impact, thus you will not allow the blood to stagnate.
To the blood is resorbed faster, periodically apply to the bruise the ice. You can also make a biodegradable wrap. To do this, take ice cubes, wrap them in a plastic bag. At the point of impact, place the cheesecloth, folded several times. Then ice and top with a bandage fix all, wrapped around the head.
Make a poultice from raw potatoes. To do this, grate it on a fine grater and pressing, wrap in cloth, e.g., gauze. Apply to the bruised places and soak for 20-30 minutes.
Good help and cabbage leaf. For this you just need to apply it to the place of impact for a few minutes. Can also make the grid of iodine, or spread on the point of impact ointment made from the herb Arnica Montana.
If the hematoma is quite large, or persists, consult a doctor. He will undergo tests and will prescribe treatment that usually involves special absorbable ointments and compresses. In emergency cases, the doctor may prescribe surgical removal of the bumps, for example, at the tumor bone tissue.
Note that lump needs to go in 3-5 days if not – contact your surgeon. Also medical help should go to if you have headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

Advice 5 : How to quickly remove a lump

The bumps are formed by dropping or shocks, resulting in tissue damage without compromising the integrity of the skin. This injury is manifested by pain, swelling and bruising.
How to quickly remove a lump
You will need
  • - cold bandage, ice, hot water bottle with cold water;
  • - "Lifeguard", "Caffeine", "Troxerutin";
  • - raw potato juice, aloe juice, honey.
  • - onion, egg yolk, honey;
  • - onion, birch tar;
  • - Golden mustache, jelly or suet;
  • - onions, vodka, olive oil.
The first thing to do is to provide rest the bruised spot and apply a cold bandage. You can use an ice pack, a hot water bottle filled with cold water, any frozen products from the freezer or a piece of cloth soaked in cold water. The exposure time depends on the extent of the injury and icing the applied compress. To avoid cold burns, periodically clean the cones with ice pack.
If the home kit has a gel "Rescuer" ointment "Troxevasin" or "Troxerutin", apply a thin layer on the bump after 2-3 hours after applying cold compress. Follow the procedure 3-4 times a day, and the lump will resolve very quickly.
Grate on a fine grater raw potato, add a tablespoon of aloe juice and a teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. Apply the mixed composition in a lump, cover the compression of paper and fix it with bandage. Change the poultice twice a day for 3 days.
Chop the onions medium size, add one yolk of raw eggs or quail, a teaspoon of honey and mash thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture. Apply to bruise the mixture, cover with a piece of cellophane and secure with a bandage.
Cut in half onions. Squeeze 2-3 drops of birch tar for a half of an onion, and put it on the cone, fix with an elastic bandage.
To injury, especially with severe bleeding, apply a compress, prepared as follows. RUB the aloe leaf is medium in size with 10 grams of leaves of Rue, add 10 ml of almond oil. Thoroughly mixed, apply a piece of gauze or bandage and apply on the bruise for 30 minutes. Procedure perform 3 times a day. In order to avoid allergic reactions should not be applied for a long time.
Chop the leaves and stems of the Golden mustache, mix with vaseline or interior fat in the ratio 2:3. Lubricate cone 5-7 times a day.
Chop the onions medium size, place it in a bottle and pour equal amount of vodka. Add 1/3 of the amount of olive oil and mix thoroughly. Soak in the prepared composition piece of gauze or cotton wool, and put it on the cone, secure it with adhesive plaster or a bandage. Change the poultice twice a day.
If the injured part still hurts and the bump is not reduced, it is better to consult a doctor-the traumatologist or the surgeon.

Advice 6 : How to get rid of stuffed bumps on the head

Full of bumps on the head not only cause pain and discomfort, but also hinder in terms of aesthetics. Agree that "horn" looks disgusting. This problem is especially familiar to the mothers, children who have terrible restless. But there is a simple and proven method to get rid of bumps on the head, which does not imply large costs.
How to get rid of stuffed bumps on the head

As soon as you or your child is filled lump, apply something cold on it. Fit ice, the package is filled with snow, a pack of ravioli or even just a towel soaked in water. Compress keep long, a maximum of 10 minutes. The fact is that cold may trigger another problem - cold, then you will be concerned not only with injury, and runny nose.

Twice a day make iodine mesh on the bruised place - try not to overdo it, because you may receive a burn, then the skin will start to climb. In between, apply heparin ointment, which is worth a penny. You can buy it completely at any pharmacy.

After about two days the bumps will not be over. To use expensive ointments and creams, hoping for a miraculous and immediate effect pointless, they benefit from a couple of hoods on their heads are not better than proven over the years and cheap money, which was used by our grandmothers. If the lump does not resolve within a couple of weeks, go to the surgeon!

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