If the lump on the nose innate, then most likely it is benign nasal glioma. Such education does not bring any pain or discomfort. With age they grow, not only on the surface of the skin and inside the nasal passages. In some cases, these bumps can impede breathing. In this cases it is necessary to remove them through surgery.
Aratama is a small lump that is caused by the blockage of the sebaceous glands. In most cases, this build-up is formed as a result of violations of the outflow of sebum. In the early stages of development anatomy painless. By far the most popular method of eliminating this defect is laser surgery, which is absolutely safe for health. This method of treatment can only be used in the early stages of development of the cones. In another case, it is necessary to resort to surgical section.
Sometimes a bump on the nose could be a fibroid — a benign tumor of connective tissue. Such formation can be as soft to the touch and solid. Sometimes this bump has a leg. To eliminate such a defect can only be surgically removed.
Bumps on the nose is pink, reddish or dark color may represent a hemangioma, which typically appear in childhood. This growth represents a subcutaneous accumulation of blood vessels. The reasons for the formation of these cones is not fully understood. Quite often with age, they just disappear. But sometimes I start to actively grow, destroying surrounding tissue. In the presence of such bumps need constant supervision at the doctor.
After the consultation with the doctor can use the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, a very good effect has a Golden mustache. Tear the leaf of this plant, mash until the juice, then put on the cone and close up the top with plaster. The course of treatment is 10-12 days.