Put on medical gloves. Take a thin needle, disinfect it well, using Cologne or alcohol. Prepare cotton pads.
Pull with one hand the skin on the eyelid, and the other quickly, but carefully, so as not to hurt the eyes, puncture Wen. DAB it with a cotton pad. In any case do not pick Wen.
Take soften the wax and lubricate the Wen. Within 2-3 days it will disappear. The red dot remaining on him, disappeared also, keep oiling it until it dissolve.
To procedure was painless less, contact a beauty clinic. To seek help to the doctor-cosmetologist should be the case, if you want to completely eliminate the risk of infection Wen, and also in the case of a large number of these formations.
Before the procedure complete all necessary studies, which should confirm the safe origin of Wen. If you have a scattering of white bumps on the eyelids, it is education is sometimes not removed using a sterile needle, but only by electrocoagulation.
If your lump is larger than 1 cm, you will have to agree to surgery as quickly as possible to get rid of it. The operation can be done by excision with a laser beam or by using radiowave scalpel. But these white bumps located on the eyelids are rare. The removal of such formations is usually performed under local anesthesia and may require hospitalization for a few days, until you no longer burn the crust, which can neither ground, nor to wet.
Do not use for the removal of Wens recipes of traditional medicine. As practice shows, the use of different blends of herbs and does not contribute to the disappearance of the lump. The same can be said about trying Wen removal with iodine or green fodder.