Varicose veins, hydrocele and a cyst

Very often men confuse varicose veins of the spermatic cord with a solid seal. In the upper left of the egg when this happens the bloating, which causes high pressure, in turn provoking the expansion of Vienna. Typically, this swelling decreases sharply or disappears when taking the horizontal position. The balls in the scrotum also appear due to the accumulation of fluid in it – a data solid of education are considered harmless, but they definitely need to see a doctor, since it may be hiding a tumor.

Diagnosis of hydrocele is a method of pumping fluid from the formed bulb, which is sent to the study.

Also a BLOB forming in the scrotum can cause a cyst of the spermatic cord with smaller size than dropsy (less than 11-12 mm in diameter), and easy shifting when pressure is applied. Treatment of a cyst is not mandatory, however, if desired, the patient, the doctor may shrink education with aspiration suction fluid, which contains dead sperm.

Inguinal hernias

Most often, the presence of balls in the scrotum with associated inguinal hernia, which is a tissue that has penetrated into the scrotum through metacrisis at birth the inside passage, which remains open about 20% of cases. Such a hernia is usually noticed after lifting heavy weights, vomiting, exercise, or constipation, which increases pressure in the abdominal cavity and literally push the fabric in different holes in different parts of the body.

Inguinal hernias are the most affected organs, located in the vicinity of the abdominal cavity and the scrotum including.

Inguinal hernia of the scrotum usually consists of a painless bead or thickening of part of the intestine, which disappears when pressed and in a horizontal position. In mild and self-reduction of hernia doctors will not prescribe urgent measures for its elimination, while in more serious cases required emergency surgical intervention. The reason is the infringement of the trapped part of the bowel edges neskryvaemoy holes, which can lead to poor circulation in it and subsequent gangrene of the intestine. In the presence of pain in the groin that appears after physical exertion and disappearing after its termination, it is necessary to address to the urologist for check-UPS.