To comfortably communicate with all people and find common language with family, you need to be able to consider not only their interests, but the wishes of others. This is especially true of the relationship of husband and wife. However, if the husband is selfish and does only what he wants, it's complicated. The wife in this case there are three possible reactions to this attitude: to leave, to accept or try to change the situation.

At the beginning of the relationship both partners try to show their best side, and love does not allow a sober assessment of a loved one. But flaws eventually reveal themselves. When a woman realizes that her husband is selfish and does only what he wants, of course, she may decide to leave and find happiness elsewhere. However, this extreme option, before you can try to keep the family together and correct the situation.

Try to change the spouse

Some women believe that they can influence the selfishness of the spouse. You can force him to change his attitude, listen to the second side and to do something for the common good. Such attempts usually start with soft requests. The woman I want to believe that if she asks her husband, for example, putting dirty clothes directly into the hamper, he will listen and adopt similar rules. Let not the first time, but eventually the husband will be able to make certain requests of his wife.

Most often people change impossible. He may want to change and even try to attempt to make a pleasant wife. But the practice of family relations shows that such changes are temporary, but the habits and opinions all the time.

People will change if he's comfortable in new condition. You can talk to your husband, explain to him the positive and negative aspects of his behavior. Just do not need to swear during a conversation. Let a man see you as not a violent person, and sedate the woman he will change.

Make husband the way he is

Wiser, of course, to stop trying to remake the husband, to accept him the way he is and focus on his positive traits. You should try to see his point of view in what he does and why he does it that way. Such a philosophical attitude to life helps to keep the nervous system and to preserve family relationships.

Deciding on what to do when husband does just as he wants only his wife need to figure out what she wants to be right or to be happy. Because sometimes we have to choose only one of these options. Wisdom comes to the woman with experience of life, and in a few years you will remember that was too demanding to the spouse.