Masturbation is particularly widespread among adolescents. It is believed that more than half of boys and more than 10% of girls after 14 years of doing Masturbation. This is primarily related to bio-social disharmony. The awakening of desire for the opposite sex starts earlier than the social adaptability of the child. Thus, the teenager is not able to meet their needs in a natural way and therefore uses artificial.
It should be noted that Masturbation is unnatural satisfaction of sexual instincts. On the one hand, a person engaged in Masturbation, gets the same effect as from having sex. On the other hand, since there is no direct contact with the sexual partner, and sexual tension arises only through fantasies, it negatively affects the psychological state.
If Masturbation is rare and is not a dependency, health risks and psychological development, it is not. As a rule, after the appearance of a regular sexual partner the need for Masturbation is eliminated and most of the people this process is not attractive. However, if the person continues to masturbate and after you do this, there is the possibility of psychological dependence, which is very negative impact on his nervous system and overall health.
After the fact of Masturbation, despite the relief, the feeling of depression, physical weakness and the oppression of the General condition. But the main damage is long-term stagnation of venous blood in the pelvis. However, this is only with the systematic practice of Masturbation. This stagnation can lead to the occurrence of inflammation in the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.
Also cause serious harm to the nervous system. The fact that aroused, the human body secretes adrenaline, which is designed to help in the physical manifestation of love. Tremors from the strong attraction is caused by this hormone. The problem is that adrenaline can burn only physical activity, while Masturbation does not involve them. As a result, increases the load on the pancreas, increased protein catabolism and the stress.
Masturbation is another danger for men: is the varicose of the spermatic cord. This can lead to disastrous consequences for the entire sexual system, as is the outflow of blood from the seed bags.