You will need
  • Canon, a list of your sins
It is important to understand that we ourselves cannot atone for any sin. We have a Redeemer who took upon Himself all of our sins. We can only ask His mercy to forgive us, once again violating His commandments and His will. The forgiveness we receive through repentance and confession of their sins. Adultery is one of the deadly sins. St. John Chrysostom believed that adultery is a more grievous sin than of any robbery, because the adulterer not only defiles his body and soul, but steals from others what is better than all treasures – love and marriage. Put yourself in the place of the person who has learned about the cheating spouse, understand his pain and his heartache. This is necessary in order to continue to refrain from such a sin.
To be forgiven, you need to go to the priest and confess his sin of adultery, but other sins that you have accumulated, as well as any man. Think well what you have is sinful, make a list of your transgressions, voluntary or involuntary. If you want to be cleansed after confession is very good to take the Sacrament. To Communion had to fast at least three days.
Morning and evening prayer, read the rules. If possible, go to confession it is better to go the night before Communion, to during the morning divine service not to be distracted from prayer. It is very difficult to tell the priest about their sins, but it must be done, because unrepented, sin will remain Unforgiven. Don't need to tell you in detail about his adventures, if only you don't need the advice of the priest in a particular situation. Enough to tell you that you committed adultery, cheated on a spouse and were involved in the deception of others. If the priest will be questions, answer them as honestly as possible – remember that the lies and concealment in confession will add gravity to your already committed sins.
After receiving permission from my sins remember a moment of shame when you told the man in a cassock about his fall, and imagine how much more painful will stand before God and answer to Him for their actions. Try to avoid any situation which may lead you to a new fall in.