Sexy clothes. Men love with their eyes, and, therefore, to initiate them easily, having a couple of erotic outfits. It doesn't have to be lingerie or costume for role-playing games, a fairly form-fitting dress with a high slit and stockings that will playfully peek out from the incision. Why it's hot? Because there is room for men's imagination: what is hidden under the dress, what clothes are wearing, and wearing it at all.
Underwear. Yes, intimate relationships take, usually without him, but during foreplay it plays a special role. Here the main thing not to be mistaken with color. For erotic games and excitation are best suited the black and red kits. This playful and forthright colors that are very appetizing and sexy look on a woman. Linen white is a neutral that can how to get a man, and not to.
Pranks. Many representatives of the stronger sex like it when a girl takes the initiative and a little naughty. For example, when the male touches the most intimate place through the pants. This element of the erotic lure is very exciting and sets the right sexual mood.
Talking about sex. Nothing turns a man as talk about intimacy. Even the most modest and intelligent representative of the stronger sex excited from the straight talk. But not about what the girl was up to him, and that she would like to try with him. Memories of the intima of the joint will also help to rekindle the fire in your soul. And not only in the soul.
Oral sex. A rare man has a negative attitude to this kind of sex. And this is the easiest and fastest way greatly to excite your partner. Even if never before that you never had oral sex, it's worth a try. Man excites not only the Blowjob, but foreplay in front of him. And the moment when the girl bends over to begin to oral sex, gives an unreal excitement.
The erogenous zones. Every man has their own erogenous zones, touching which makes you excited even when sex and has no idea. What areas are most sensitive? The issue is different. Someone loses his head when they kiss in the neck, someone from massaging the earlobes. The most unexpected erogenous zones include the inner side of the elbow. Enough gentle touch to excite a man. And excite much.