Work on voice. Women's velvet-soft voice is able to bring to mind any man. If you hone your skills regularly, not from time to time, you very quickly learn to pick up men for a living.
Pick a closet. Heels, stockings, short skirts and blouses with a deep neckline will attract the coveted views of men to your person. Here just be careful and not overdo it, otherwise man will subconsciously represent you to the girls of easy virtue.
Take care of yourself. Woman have time to cope with chores, duties, and always chic and well-groomed-looking, admirable and intriguing in their abilities.
Use the flavors. Men are more sensitive to odors than women, but when you consider that the scents can cause excitement due to the effects on the brain, then the chances of losing the woman remains. Particularly sensitive to strong half to the aroma of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, bergamot, rose and lavender. They relieve stress, relax and awaken secret fantasies.
Pay attention to the music. Make sure that reverent, sensitive, gentle and uplifting melodies have always been associated in men with you. For that in the workplace you purposefully listen to collections of similar music and put sensual ringtone to ringtone to mobile phone.
Correctly feed a man. Carefully chosen menu is able to contribute its share in order to arouse male passion. Give preference to products with a high content of vitamin C (kiwi, strawberry, cabbage, citrus fruits), seafood (shrimp, mussels, sea cocktail, caviar), avocado, eggs and other foods that contain b vitamins should also mention the dark chocolate, if you use of which serotonin is created.
Do not neglect the therapy. It is able not only to kindle man, but to calm his passions. Therefore, the choice of colors you can't go wrong. So, for example, red is ideal for clothes, orange for bedding, green interior, lilac - colored walls, and black for underwear.