In fact, the erogenous zones of men are of several types: pseudohalogen, wandering and extreme. Pseudohalogen areas associated with the brain and subconsciously react to the mere presence of the woman from her smell. Wandering zone is able to move around the body of the man and monitored his reaction to the petting. Extreme zone belong to the category of non-standard sexual preferences and aktiviziruyutsya in the presence of certain triggers – for example, sadomasochism and so on.

That the sex was perfect, a woman must begin caressing hair men slow their stroking and fingering between his fingers. It should be unobtrusive run your fingers over his neck, the nape of the neck, the earlobes, the forehead, the eyelids and the lips, simulating a gentle massage of the face and whispering with different inciting stupidity. Also to the erogenous zones of men are throat and chest – it should slowly guide tongue, gently vytselivaya and even prakusya the skin. Mandatory program number – male nipples, which have to be treated the same way as a man treats with women's nipples. Not less strong effect was observed for the caress of male hands and fingers - they can kiss, lick, suck... in General, do all that allows a natural looseness.

Very sensitive erogenous zone in men is the abdomen and the perineum, which can gently caress with your fingers, at the same time kissing his belly. To bring partner to ecstasy you can also massage male feet flexing each finger and lifting up the inner thigh to the cherished body, with caresses which problems do not arise.