Demonstrate your emotions. Nothing upsets men as the contemplation of women don't react to his efforts. Move to the beat partner. Do not hesitate to show the man that you like what he's doing. Do not limit yourself, do not be afraid to seem ridiculous or awkward. All this binds you, and does not to be more active.
Tell me about your fantasies to your partner. Quite often, people hide from the second halves of their sexual fantasies, the fear of being misunderstood. But in vain! Many couples to radically change your life once you become honest with each other. Select a few nights a week and tell each other of their wildest dreams. And then browse to the realization of these desires in life. Of course, if they don't cause harm to anyone.
Take the first step. You can talk about activity, not only in bed, but "approaches" to it. How long the sex was your initiative? The more initiated you are, the freer you will feel in the future. You'll realize that now all depends only on you.
Excite your man. It is believed that a man should Woo a woman, not Vice versa. It is not so. A one-way street sooner or later get bored. So flirt with your partner, remind him about his sexuality, beautiful head, flip hair, to whisper something stimulating in his ear. A man will notice it and will surely appreciate.
Don't be afraid of the new. Passivity is often manifested in the reluctance to change anything in bed. But the more you surprise your partner, the more fun you him deliver. Try as little as possible to refuse to do something new and at the same time offer themselves as anything unusual, previously untested. Then you simply will not be able to be passive.
Take care of yourself. What are you more confident than the sexier feel, the less you will be tempted to do nothing or to do well enough. Show the man how good you are. Set a goal: to make sure that he was admire you.