Classic methods of excitation: the main erogenous zones

To bring a man the easiest way with the touch. To do this, use the erogenous zones on the body of the partner. Some point in your serious and impenetrable chosen are very sensitive and will instantly ignite his desire.

When excited with erogenous zones, it is important to touch them. The movement should be soft, light, filled with tenderness. But beware: stimulation in one "mode" can quickly become bored. Vary the intensity and speed, carefully watching the reaction of the partner.

For excitation it is better to use the fingertips or lips. Good men respond to the touch of hair or eyelashes. Sometimes there is a reason to enter in the sexual game suitable items. For example, to stimulate the erogenous zones you can use feathers, fur, boa or a silk scarf.

The study of erogenous zones lead from the top down. Many sensitive areas are located in the head. For example, the skin under the hair, lips, sinks and earlobes. This is followed by neck: almost all of its surface is covered with nerve endings, touching whom you will quickly excite a man.

The back and buttocks have thicker skin, but are also an erogenous zone. As a rule, men love when a woman actively stroking or massaging the area. Invest in stimulation your mood and desire, are easily transferred to the partner.

Many men have a heightened sensitivity differs back side of the knees. Touching this area will cause rapid and immediate response. It should be noted that to excite a man using erogenous zones that can be almost anywhere: your manipulation will remain virtually unnoticed in the cinema, cafes and hotel.

The most sensitive areas are the scrotum and penis. Stimulation of this area can be undertaken in various parts of the body: lips, Breasts, hands, buttocks, etc. As a rule, such sexual manipulations are carried out directly before intercourse.

To get a man hard without touching

However, to excite a man without even touching him. It's enough to use the right clothes, movements, words, look. This excitation is experienced temptresses.

Clothing – women's main trump card. Men are easy to excite with narrow skirts, a deep neckline long dress with a dramatic slit. Many representatives of the stronger sex respond to the outlines of underwear or elastic bands of stockings which are seen under clothing. Of shoes the better the results you will achieve with high heels and high boots.

Excite man during communication can be through words, gestures and Frank opinion. If possible, the elect whisper something in your ear: the air will affect the sensitive endings located in the ear and the lobe. The greatest effect you will achieve using erotic words with lots of hissing sounds.

If you wish to bring a man pay attention to how you smell. Scientists have determined that the most sexy scents are those where there are notes of ylang-ylang, sandalwood or sage. But do not apply the data of the essential oil: the smell will turn out tart and suffocating. For initiation of men use in moderation, perfume with marked notes.