For starters, the man can check the selfishness of the girls. For this he gives her at the meeting a box of chocolates or another sweet. If she wants to be treated, so she thinks of others and not prone to selfishness.
After the first inspection, the man turns to conversations in which, too, can be a trick questions. The most obvious validation is a question about former Boyfriends. It is not necessary to tell about its popularity and huge number of ex-Boyfriends. Better to humbly reply that they were not much, because you rarely meet decent men. So you can show your honesty and compliment him.
In conversation a man can go on discussing boring topics like politics or philosophical arguments about the meaning of life. It is not necessary to accuse him of tediousness, perhaps that is another test. This time verified by your intelligence and ability to hold a conversation.
A few jokes in the conversation will help a man to check your sense of humor. However, he can use a variety of options: from jokes to vulgar ambiguous phrases. You do not have to laugh at all his attempts, as you demonstrate your maturity.
Perhaps the man wants to check the mercenary girl. Ways to do this a lot, until the rented Lada. But such drastic methods is a little young man, most often they just stare, pulled the girl over a restaurant bill. Sometimes they offer to walk to the shops, to appreciate the tastes and needs of women. It is not necessary to buy polmagazina, better offer to pick up something for him.
Inviting a man to her house, it should be carefully prepared. Some particularly picky Cavaliers can explore the apartment to evaluate your housekeeping skills. Get ready and to his desire to eat, to look at your culinary skills.
Man often checks the chosen allegiance. He sends a bouquet of flowers from anonymous and waiting for a call from the girl. If she does not call back with thanks, and not according to about flowers, so she has a few knights at a time, and she doesn't know who exactly sent them.
Often for these purposes, beautiful friends. At first, the man learns the location of his girlfriend and then asks his friend to try to meet you. If a girl leaves a handsome room and agree on a date, the test failed. In addition, you need to be careful with phones, man can look into it and read the message.