Advice 1: How to check the correctness of girls

Today, quite often, many guys suspect their mate of infidelity. The motive for this can serve as a late return of the girl, ignoring phone calls, changes in the character. Anyway, the question of loyalty to his girlfriend for many it remains relevant.
You will need
  • - their own ingenuity
  • phone
  • - each
Verification by SMS. For this you will need to purchase a new telephone number. Further, all developed simply. Send with the new phone SMS messages to your beloved. In SMS you can writethat her room did you get your mutual friend that you are crazy about her beauty and dream of a personal meeting. Of course, all to just blurt out not worth it. First talk on General topics, find out about her "boyfriend", and then gradually go to the main – purpose meeting place. Of course, this pattern can develop only if the girl will be mutually answer your questions – not ruled out the option that immediately with the first message you sent to hell. After the meeting place will be marked, you will be able to draw some conclusions about the loyalty of his companion.
Check friend. Talk to your friend on this topic, and invite him to participate in your adventure. Just note that your girl must not know this person. To play all these steps. Your friend is under a certain pretext acquainted with your companion then trying to tie a relationship with her. Learn about the success of your check you can in a conversation with a friend. However, it should be noted that this method is quite dangerous – in the end you risk losing not only his girlfriend but also his friend.
There are actually many options as possible to test the faithfulness of his beloved, only need to show your own ingenuity.

Advice 2 : How to check the fidelity of the wife

To check the fidelity of the wife there are many ways. Checking SMS in the phone and the notebook, e-mail, personal pages on popular Internet networks. Most importantly, with checks not to cause wife's irritation and not trigger her the opposite reaction to your action, i.e. treason.
How to check the fidelity of the wife
If your wife is characterized by such a trait as amorousness, it is possible to arrange a situation where check this as his wife. Take her to eat at a joint meeting of his friends, whom she hasn't seen, and which — in its taste. Watch her behavior. If she looks confident, modest, supports the conversation if necessary, and appeals most often to you, then she's not interested in other men, except you. In the case when she forgets who came and uninhibited behaves like a single girl, then after dinner to discuss her behavior.
How to check the fidelity of the wife
Make her a couple at work corporate. Right here you can see who office romance. If your wife does not leave you indifferent when evaluating their colleagues, therefore, you have nothing to worry about.
How to check the fidelity of the wife
Watch her talk. Wife, often praising a certain man, can serve two purposes. First — she wants to draw attention on yourself, and to get a little jealous, and second — she really admires the behavior of men, not only in conversation with you, but also with other interlocutors. Rate the object of her attention, find out what she is most attracted to him (for example, it is a weekend entirely devoted to children), and transfer his best qualities to yourself. If that doesn't work, then talk with her alone unpleasant topic for you.
How to check the fidelity of the wife
Talk to her heart to heart. Remember the time when you have had the honeymoon period in a relationship, as burned her eyes at Dating. Perhaps, on change of passion now it's a conscious feeling of love that she shows you with his loving embrace and affectionate, family kiss.
How to check the fidelity of the wife

Advice 3 : How to check the wife of allegiance

Family life is not always easy. Sometimes spouses move away from each other. Appears jealousy and distrust. Moreover, to suspect your mate of infidelity can not only women. Some men also want to be sure that their wife is completely loyal to them.
How to check the wife of allegiance
If something caused you to doubt the loyalty of your wife, first figure out what exactly. Perhaps she began to behave strangely. If the cause of your mental agony in her behavior, you really need to know how you true.
Become more attentive. You should notice all the changes that occur in your own person. What kind of mood she came home from work? What time? She looked tired, as usual, or her emotions were running high for unknown reasons? Observe and analyse, compare her actions and mood of those that were before.
If you notice that the wife is lying to you, even small things, every night, check her cell phone for messages or calls from a strange man. Naturally, such evidence immediately removed the cheats, but sooner or later they may forget about caution. Also visit social networks and check all the correspondence. Do it quietly, so as not increase her vigilance.
My wife and spend more time. Arrange family picnics, trips to restaurant, movies, etc. So you not only will be closer and maybe you will understand that in vain idea favorite, but look how many she has free time. If she will look for a reason to go somewhere, she will often call "work", so your suspicion is justified.
If you need to find out the truth in no time, you can install surveillance camera or bugs. This instrument can be so seamless that your spouse will never guess that she is under surveillance. However, you will need to spend money, so first make sure you want to go that far.
If you have any good methods and, besides, are you sure that the wife won't allow one in the house, check on the lie detector. Over a certain amount you will be able to use this service, which is offered in many cities. But be prepared for the fact that you can greatly hurt your favorite.
If you still want to stay unnoticed in his small investigation, independently take care of her. Be quiet and unobtrusive, view, where, and with whom she goes to when goes to work, or where she's going in the day, if she supposedly got a call from work.
Most importantly – be prepared for the fact that you can open the hard truth. Decide for yourself whether you are ready for it, and only then begin to act. In addition, if the wife will find out your spying on them, and while she does not change, the relationship between you can be very bad. Unlikely normal person like lack of trust to the person.
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