Advice 1: How to check the correctness of girls

Today, quite often, many guys suspect their mate of infidelity. The motive for this can serve as a late return of the girl, ignoring phone calls, changes in the character. Anyway, the question of loyalty to his girlfriend for many it remains relevant.
You will need
  • - their own ingenuity
  • phone
  • - each
Verification by SMS. For this you will need to purchase a new telephone number. Further, all developed simply. Send with the new phone SMS messages to your beloved. In SMS you can writethat her room did you get your mutual friend that you are crazy about her beauty and dream of a personal meeting. Of course, all to just blurt out not worth it. First talk on General topics, find out about her "boyfriend", and then gradually go to the main – purpose meeting place. Of course, this pattern can develop only if the girl will be mutually answer your questions – not ruled out the option that immediately with the first message you sent to hell. After the meeting place will be marked, you will be able to draw some conclusions about the loyalty of his companion.
Check friend. Talk to your friend on this topic, and invite him to participate in your adventure. Just note that your girl must not know this person. To play all these steps. Your friend is under a certain pretext acquainted with your companion then trying to tie a relationship with her. Learn about the success of your check you can in a conversation with a friend. However, it should be noted that this method is quite dangerous – in the end you risk losing not only his girlfriend but also his friend.
There are actually many options as possible to test the faithfulness of his beloved, only need to show your own ingenuity.

Advice 2 : How to check whether love girl

Girls are amazing creatures, whose reasoning to understand quite difficult and sometimes quite impossible. Today she is ready for your relationship at all, and tomorrow doesn't show any interest. In such situations you really want to understand, if she loves truly, or playing feelings.
How to check whether love girl
Casually tell her about the other girl. She might not openly show that you are jealous, but if she's experiencing feelings for you, it will be frustrating and most likely her mood will deteriorate. Most likely she will resent you, and you have to beg her forgiveness, but you will be assured of her sincerity.
Or another option is to ask your friend clearly flirting with her. Loving a woman is not interested in other men. If she respects you and she cares for you, she will not respond to his advances, and possibly even in the correct form would stop all communications with him.
Ask her for help. No matter what kind of service it would be: rearrangement of furniture or repairs in the apartment, buying new jeans or products - most importantly, that she gladly agreed to help. After all, with a loved one you want to spend as much time as possible.
An important symptom of love is that in quarrels she tries to compromise, looking for solutions to problems. If she is guilty in disorder, her irreproachable be the first to ask your forgiveness. The desire to hurry to finish a quarrel and a compromise suggests that she certainly cherishes you. A woman is ready to melt into the man she can not long be angry and frustrated.
Extreme way - the collapse for some time out of her life. If you mean so much to her, she will freak out, try using friends to contact you, cut off your phone and cast aside SMS. If you for her only entertainment, the answer will hear ringing silence.
You can think of a lot of different tricks, but the best way to calmly talk to a girl, try to dot the "i". Not always what we see is real. Try asking her the motives of her behavior, to listen to her point of view, and then draw conclusions.
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