You will need
  • - their own ingenuity
  • phone
  • - each
Verification by SMS. For this you will need to purchase a new telephone number. Further, all developed simply. Send with the new phone SMS messages to your beloved. In SMS you can writethat her room did you get your mutual friend that you are crazy about her beauty and dream of a personal meeting. Of course, all to just blurt out not worth it. First talk on General topics, find out about her "boyfriend", and then gradually go to the main – purpose meeting place. Of course, this pattern can develop only if the girl will be mutually answer your questions – not ruled out the option that immediately with the first message you sent to hell. After the meeting place will be marked, you will be able to draw some conclusions about the loyalty of his companion.
Check friend. Talk to your friend on this topic, and invite him to participate in your adventure. Just note that your girl must not know this person. To play all these steps. Your friend is under a certain pretext acquainted with your companion then trying to tie a relationship with her. Learn about the success of your check you can in a conversation with a friend. However, it should be noted that this method is quite dangerous – in the end you risk losing not only his girlfriend but also his friend.
There are actually many options as possible to test the faithfulness of his beloved, only need to show your own ingenuity.