The test of loyalty and intelligence

There are several methods of studying the qualities of the beloved one. And often the girls about them not even aware.

The first and perhaps the most important test is the test of loyalty. Faithful lady gives a man confidence. Sometimes men consciously ask their friends to look after his girl. From give in if the lady attentions of other guys, depend the future relations with her companion. And, in General, men are very closely monitoring the communication of choice with the opposite sex. The main thing in this situation to remain loyal to their choice.

No less important criterion when choosing a companion is intelligence ladies. Enough to start a conversation about the meaning of life, and at once all becomes clear. Whether it is able to maintain a conversation or instantly bored. It is important to find common topics of conversation, or communication just doesn't work out.

A girl can't be stupid. In fact, besides the beautiful appearance the guy interested in the inner world ladies. Not to be bored with the silent and uninteresting girl. Too smart a girl should not appear, because the guy next to her would feel uncomfortable. Guys looking for a moderately savvy women, with an interesting inner world.

Check thrift and behavior

If a man intended for serious relationship, you can arrange for a thrift lady. This can involve the ability to cook, and her relationship to cleanliness. There is a category of men who attach great importance to cleanliness. They can examine the utensils and other things in the woman's house to check purity. If fiancee is also placed on cleanliness, as a man, then they'd make a good couple.

Verification of behavior helps to understand how a girl can behave in different companies, about her addiction to bad habits (alcohol and the use of obscenities in the lexicon). This method allows us to understand the man whether his choice to behave in society or he will be ashamed of her behavior.

All of these methods checks young people use not just. Most likely, this is due to past failed relationships. A man should be sure in correctness of his choice, that the woman he is ready to call his wife.