Why the pregnancy test shows 2 strips

To understand why the test can show a positive result if they will use man you need to understand how all works this product. These tests are designed to determine the presence or absence of human chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviated HCG) in urine. Women who did not gestate the child, as well as in men, this hormone is either missing at all or is contained in the blood in very small quantities. In pregnant women, it begins to produce in large volumes, so soon after pregnancy can you do proper analysis and find out about what happened conception.

Thus, if a man took a pregnancy test and saw two lines, it just means that the level of HCG hormone in the urine is large enough. But of course, this is not normal: we are talking about a serious deviation, which can indicate the presence of dangerous diseases. That is why, seeing a positive result in your pregnancy test, the man should consult a doctor.

In the best case, two stripes can appear if a man regularly uses medicines with a high content of HCG. The amount of this hormone in the body will be increased by artificial means, and when a person stops taking the medication, everything will return to normal. If the man received a positive pregnancy test, he should first check to see whether there can be cause medications. If you can't answer this question for yourself, seek the advice of a physician.

Pregnancy test for men: a positive result

If a man does not take drugs containing HCG, a positive pregnancy test result may be a reliable tumor marker. The fact that the development of cancer, the level of this hormone in the urine increases significantly. This becomes evident even in early disease, when there is a chance to fix the situation, so the faster the man will return to the cancer doctor after a positive pregnancy test result, the better.

Most often, two bands appear in the case when the man develops testicular cancer. First you need to check this option to set the correct diagnosis. However, if ovarian cancer is not confirmed, need to check other options.