The first bell that girl is cheating on you is certainly a change in her behavior towards you and limit your access to her personal space. If earlier it could leave your mobile phone anywhere, now he is with her always, even when she goes to the bath, and all messages and call history are deleted.
The second important symptom is change in your intimate life, and this most intimate lives could end at all, or Vice versa, a girl can be in bed, more passionate and behave as had never been.
The third sign of infidelity is change in her appearance. Any modification and changes of the internal or on that of a girl's life came one, to whom she wants to be more beautiful Therefore, a new expensive dress, a new hairstyle or hair color, as well as the constant looking at yourself in the mirror and worry about their appearance should alert you.
In the case of adultery, the relation of man to his partner, as a rule, is changing dramatically. If before your girl could spend hours listening to your stories about what you did at work, what happened to your favourite football team, how are things with your friends etc and she was really, really interesting, and now she is not even interested in your day, you should think.
Or, on the contrary, if a girl without any reason starts strongly enough you jealous, and to every counter, and before such behavior was not – this is not that other, as a sign of infidelity. Women tend to project their own behavior on your mate. From the point of view of the psychology of women saying "best way of defence is attack" created just for this occasion.
Besides all the above signs of female infidelity can be constant delays at work that she can't clearly explain, frequent desire to be alone, bounce from a joint holiday with you or choose you over her friends, which you may not even know, etc.
How to check cheated on you <strong>girl</strong> or not
Summing up all the above, it is worth noting that the presence of any of these signs in your situation do not give you hundred percent confidence that you are changing. After all, if your girl changes hairstyles and jealous of you, it can talk at all about her infidelity, and that you do not pay her enough attention. May be the reasons for this behavior on her part, are rooted in you. Try to speak frankly and work together to resolve a problem that in the future you won't have any omissions. A relationship without trust is a pain for both partners. Trust to each other. Let your relationship bring you only positive emotions!