Each office has its own rules the celebration of commemorative dates – sometimes tacit and sometimes documented. If you are a beginner, be sure to ask them. It is allowed to gather directly in the workplace or is it better to organize a celebration in the dining room? As the company management applies to alcohol? And how much is customary to spend the holiday table for colleagues? Taking into account all these issues, you will avoid embarrassing gaffes.
Of course, the main "working" birthday festive table. Menu depends on the composition of the invitees. If your team is dominated by girls, stock up on fruit and ice cream. Ladies elegant age prefer cakes and sandwiches with delicious fish. Well, men need meat - at least in the same sandwiches.
Large us pehom in offices uses and homemade eatables – pickles and tomatoes, homemade cakes and biscuits. If you have the ability to treat colleagues such delicacies, do not miss it.
Don't serve too rich – this may be considered inappropriate bragging. If in your office there is no ban on alcohol, buy a couple bottles of wine, white and red. Do not interfere, and a bottle of spirits to use in cocktails. This set is enough for 10 people.
Stock up on paper napkins and towels, and a set of wooden skewers or toothpicks. Purchase paper plates and cups. If you are not satisfied with disposable utensils, buy a couple sets of inexpensive wine glasses – your coworkers will appreciate your contribution to the decoration of office life.
Take care of the musical accompaniment. Background music will add style conservative party. You may even be able to dance. However, please refrain from singing in the office is not accepted.
Please note that if your company accepted the congratulations in the morning or in the afternoon, they should not take more than 40 minutes. If you plan to gather after work, to stay longer. But do not forget that you are in the office. Wishing to continue the feast is to move to the nearest cafe or in the morning your mood may be overshadowed by the showdown with management. Remember – for your holiday are responsible it is you.