Thirty-fifth birthday

If 15 or even 20 years, the celebration of the birthday was usually spontaneous and very noisy, in 35 years the people are already ruled by some limitations. Everything becomes more serious. But still, in my heart you are always young, and his birthday will help to remind you about it.

The most common form of celebrating a birthday is fun at home. Its advantages will be liberated behavior, a minimum of pathos and businesslike. Homely atmosphere promises a fun and enjoyable pastime. It is important to remember the financial aspect of this question - the money will go to the lion's share is less than in a restaurant or any other similar institution. But every coin has 2 sides. Don't forget that a noise limited in time, and the next song in karaoke can be interrupted by a sleepy and angry neighbor. Mountains of dirty dishes and a messy house the next day is unlikely to cause delight.


The celebration of the birth in 35 years

Instead of celebrating at home this day can be spent in the country or in the private sector. Much better than a stuffy apartment: fewer restrictions, fresh air, more space. You can prepare a barbecue. Few people will refuse such a tempting offer. In addition, there is now the possibility of renting cottages. Many of them have a swimming pool, sauna, karaoke, Billiards and other entertainment.

If you have for 35 years managed to acquire a serious post or to accumulate a considerable capital, a reception in a cafe or restaurant is the option that will appeal to both you and your surroundings. Just imagine: everything around is very elegant and beautiful. Amazing menu will surely delight guests. Outfits friends and family will be pleasing to the eye. This release will be remembered for a long time and not one week will be negotiated in the family circle or at work. The drawbacks, unfortunately, this too has. For example, some guests may seem that cooks, to put it mildly, reduced the contents of the plates, in addition, they may not like the style of music in the restaurant. And once drunk a glass of alcohol by someone in a place capable to damp reputation, not to mention how alcohol can bring on such Frank conversations often turning into a fight.

However, at this age, everything is possible. Importantly, this day was the most close and dear people, because only they with their presence on your anniversary will fill any venue with laughter, positivity, kindness and, of course, gifts.