Talk to your doctor about whether you can have sex. If you have any pathology, a strong tone of the uterus or other abnormalities, you should refrain from sexual activity to save the pregnancy. If it flows normally, and you perfectly feel yourselves, there are no contraindications before intercourse.
Have sex in a comfortable position where you don't feel any discomfort. Here everything is very individual: some people are more comfortable missionary position, others lying on their side, and others all 9 months are willing to engage in the Kama Sutra. So you have the opportunity to experiment, most importantly, don't get too attached.
Immediately after sexual intercourse do not get up, get some rest. The fact that you can start the tone of the uterus after an orgasm. Although not all celebrate like, so focused on their own experiences.
During pregnancy can not be protected with barrier methods. On the contrary, recommend unprotected sex, as it improves the elasticity of the neck that well prepares her for childbirth. But you have to be 100% sure in your partner. If you are in doubt, better use a condom.
If after sexual intercourse you feel doesn't matter, there was lower abdominal pain or bleeding, immediately call an ambulance. You need to pass inspection at the gynecologist. Do not be nervous and do not worry, under the supervision of a specialist, you are completely safe.
In any case, don't have sex if you have open inner mouth of the uterus – it could trigger premature labor. Slightly ajar the cervix is not a contraindication before intercourse, if no other more serious abnormalities.