Over time, dirty toys become dangerous – they accumulate and bacteria and dust mites. From dust may have an allergic reaction. Strictly speaking, subjected to soft toys cleaning a couple times a month, but few mothers are capable of such feats.

If stains and dirt are not particularly strong, you can just vyhledat products from dust, vacuum and dry, if you used a vacuum cleaner. You can scroll through the toys in the car if they are not threatening to fall off parts. But for toys with a musical element within this method is hardly suitable.

How to wash toys made of fabric or fur

Quality products will certainly have a label sewn into the seam. With special icons or using text marked what is recommended for this product care. Can be an indication of the care with hand washing, dry-cleaning, washing in the delicate cycle with a machine-gun.

For washing soft toys it is necessary to choose such means that would not hurt the baby when he'll be back playing with washed and dried pet. Toys of velour fabric, knitted, having no plastic parts can be washed by placing them in the machine in a special net for washing delicate items. The most secure is still a manual method of washing using a household, baby soap and subsequent rinsing. For example, if the soft toy contains a music item, it is better to be removed manually.

Washable musical toys

Soft toys with music in which there is a special mechanism or a large number of items on the glue, threatening to come off during washing, it is better to wash without a washing machine.

Warm water is necessary to dissolve a little tools for delicate wash, shampoo, dishwashing detergent. Water whip – to the appearance of soap bubbles. In the resulting composition it is necessary to moisten a sponge or piece of flannel, which gently clean the product. When the cleaning to make sure the water has not penetrated inside, not wet the filler product. The sponge when it is necessary to frequently rinse and wring, so as not to spread dirt.

There are those toys where the music block to get out. It is very convenient: just get the device and easy to wash the product in the machine. You can try cleaning the dry method: the package made of polyethylene of a suitable size to put toys and fill a third of a Cup of baking soda, then pack some time shake vigorously. After that, a vacuum cleaner, clean off the clumps of baking soda and dirt from the surface of the product.