There are two periods when sex is not appropriate: it is the beginning of the period of 8 weeks and the last month of gestation. Usually the mother did not immediately recognize that she was in position, so the first period of time she lives in a normal rhythm, there was the reorganization of a hormonal background, and it can be a miscarriage. But if this does not happen, then sex will not be dangerous. And at the end of pregnancy can trigger early birth, which is not always necessary.
At the first signs that a woman is expecting a baby, you need to contact your gynecologist. The doctor will determine the exact date and will send a number of tests. They will show if there are any abnormalities, and on examination the doctor will tell you whether to have sex. If the pregnancy is OK, then do what you want, but if there is a risk of miscarriage, will have to abstain for a while, not usually in nine months. Regular monitoring by a specialist will help to move this time.
Sex during pregnancy should be neat, should avoid violence and various traumas. Do not use poses where the abdomen is a big load where there may be bruises in that sensitive place. The best would be to do it on the side, from behind. It is also important that the penetration was not too deep to the cervix is not injured. It can also be adjusted by changing the position.
The amount of sex if the doctor is not banned, can be any. Sometimes pregnant women constantly want the attention of men, several times a day demanding satisfaction. Others may lose interest in this lesson individually. But it is important that the sex is consensual, without coercion. In the days of poor health it is not desirable.
In the process of intimacy, it is important to observe the sensations. If no pain, if all proceeds smoothly, you can continue, if there is discomfort, stop. In case of blood discharge, you should consult a doctor to avoid complications. No need to panic, but the advice of the observing doctor will not be superfluous.
Pregnancy is not a disease, so you need to continue to live as before. Sex is a healthy requirement of the body, which during carrying a child is present. The baby does not feel pain or other unpleasant sensations. A woman's body is designed so that such actions can not damage little life. It is important not to bring some kind of infection, not to press hard on the belly and in the event of inconvenience just to change the position.