Sex during pregnancy: harm or benefit?

With the onset of pregnancy, the question of the intimate life becomes especially relevant. When temperamental husband requires his pregnant wife in the execution of marital debt, she cares about only one thing – don't hurt love the developing baby. Gynecologists I hasten to reassure expectant mothers, motivating the use of sex for their body multiple arguments:
- during sex produced endorphins – hormones of happiness, positive influence on the nervous system and mother and child, who even in the womb feels all the changes of her moods;
- no need to worry about contraception, because conception has already occurred, and you can immerse yourself in a sea of pleasure completely;
- sex is the best exercise for the muscles of the uterus preparing for birth.

However, lovemaking during pregnancy can be harmful when there is a threat of interruption, previa or low placentation, the leakage of amniotic fluid, multiple pregnancy or poor health of women. Therefore, the husband should respect as his wife and not to insist on an intimate relationship, if she does not want. With regard to non-traditional forms of sexual intercourse – oral and anal, they should also abandon as when performing cunnilingus going on air from entering the female's genital tract, which is dangerous embolism and death, and anal sex increase the risk of miscarriage even with normal pregnancy.

Sexual positions for couples expecting child

Sex positions for making love during pregnancy must be taken to avoid pressure on the growing belly. Of course, sex life is now not as bright and intense as before, but to adapt to the new situation and have fun is still possible.

One of the safest postures that are allowed during pregnancy is the position of the "man behind". The woman takes the knee-elbow position, and the man enters her from behind. His hands remain free, and he can caress the Breasts or clitoris wife.

Sex on the side usually practised in pairs in the second trimester, when the tummy is already starting to deliver some inconvenience in bed. This position is safe and secure and not tiring the woman simply lies on her left side and enjoy. The man is behind and caressed his wife with his hands.

The pose of the rider is one of the most common positions practiced by some couples to the birth. However, to get involved in it should not be, because deep penetration can cause miscarriage. In addition, making love in this position mean female activity, and for pregnant it can be tedious.

Some of the poses to give preference to, each couple needs to decide for herself, but you need to consider not only the size of the stomach and the General condition of the woman, her sexual activity and pregnancy. Remember that the body of the mother is a delicate flower that needs love and affection. And if strict gynecologist imposed a ban on sex life for the whole period of pregnancy, it can be replaced with kisses and hugs, increased attention and enhanced care. This attitude, a woman will appreciate more than sex to the detriment of yourself and future baby.