You will need
  • - analysis of blood;
  • - further examination.
If your clinical analysis of blood showed a significant decrease in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, then it may be a sign of a serious illness or caused by certain medications. Normal ESR for women is considered – from 3 to 15 mm/h men 2-10 mm/h, newborns – 0-2 mm/h, children up to 6 months – 12-17 mm/h.
In order to enhance ESR, if the analysis shows a significant reduction, you need to consult physician and undergo examination for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract. Reducing the erythrocyte sedimentation rate may be caused by circulatory failure associated with iron deficiency anemia, epilepsy, neurosis, diabetes insipidus, in which the developing frequent urination, use of salicylates, mercury, calcium chloride.
If you consistently restrict food, often sit on a diet, lose weight, have lost significant muscle mass, then you can be reduced the erythrocyte.
To increase the ESR, it is necessary to remove all causes of decline to undo the drugs that youto treat the digestive tract and liver.
If you restrict food, you all the diet you will have to cancel it and enter into the diet of animal products, seafood, fish, milk and milk products. Eat fractional and often.
In cases of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, when even a balanced diet does not give significant results, will prescribe medications that improve digestion, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria to the food as much as possible assimilated.
Liver diseases you should complete a full course of treatment, adhere to gentle, well-balanced diet that will maintain the results achieved at the appropriate level.
Also, you can assign the b vitamins or vitamins and minerals, such as iron sulfate in complex with cyanocobalamin and folic acid contained in the drug under the trade name "ferro-Folgamma" assigned to treat anemia. Comprehensive measures and appropriate treatment can help to bring the erythrocyte sedimentation rate to normal.
If revealed iron deficiency anemia, and all treatment will be aimed at its elimination. You will be assigned for a long period of iron supplementation. Treatment will be aimed at accelerating the maturation of red blood cells in the bloodthat helps to normalize the level of ESR.
Also a reduction in the blood sedimentation can be caused by increased levels of circulating plasma. This condition is observed during pregnancy, fluid overload and hyperproteinemia. After birth, red blood cells returns to normal. In all other cases, the treatment prescribed by the practitioner.