To increase oxygen in the blood, use all methods oxygenof terapii in the complex, but do not forget that a surplus of oxygenand can cause intoxication. In the case of saturation of the patient with high concentration oxygenand as a result of indiscriminate and prolonged use increases the risk of hyperoxygenation. Using oxygenterapii, first, decide the most appropriate in each case, a source of oxygen. Classic oxygencylinders nye unsafe due to the high level of explosiveness, so don't use them either at the patient's home or in a hospital ward.
In emergency cases, use of traditional oxygening the cushion, thanks to which there is a significant increase in oxygenin the blood. In noncritical patient's life circumstances, use of modern oxygenconcentrators nye, based on a fairly simple methodology. This hub is intended for use in the hospital, he worked the expense of not producing the noise of the compressor, which filtered and cleaned ambient air in a special "molecular sieve". Using oxygention hub, first, move to the Airways of the patient a mask with a tube with a nasal catheter, and then performs the supply of oxygenand adjusting his flow.
Secondly, increasing the level of oxygenin the blood of the patient in the outpatient setting and possibly a more simple and gentle manner, excluding the possibility of overdose. If you need immediate assistance at-home patient use modern oxygenobrazuyuschie device brand Vita E Perl. A medical device refers to the category of appliances, so you can comfortably carry. A device for obtaining oxygenand brand E Vita Perl does not require specialized maintenance, so any doctor can use it.
For the prevention of reducing the level of oxygenand the patients they advise the adoption of the oxygention of a cocktail that can be used in clinic or at some pharmacies. In oxygennye cocktails included useful for the body in white blend, through which by means of a spray is passed oxygen, being distributed in the cocktail little bubbles. Advise the patient at home to take enriched oxygenth water.