If taken for blood placed in a glass tube, which stands vertically under the action of gravity, the red cells will settle to the bottom of the tube. The speed of their subsidence is the speed of separation of blood into two layers: the upper one consisting of a transparent plasma and the settled red blood cells. ESR is measured in millimeters per hour (mm/hour).
Consider the fact that the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation rate in women ranges from 3 to 15 mm/h men 2-10 mm/h in newborns rate amount - 0-2 mm/h, from infants to six months is 12 to 17 mm/h in pregnant women erythrocyte sedimentation rate sometimes rises to 20-25 mm/h and more, depending on the blood thinners in connection with the development of anemia.
If the ESR parameter in the clinical analysis of blood is much increased, conduct additional research, as this may indicate the development of inflammation in the body and even tissue necrosis that occurs when the number of serious diseases (heart attack, tuberculosis, etc.) To increase the ESR in the blood can result in and some physiological conditions such as menstruation, pregnancy.
Note the offset of the indicator from the norm. ESR 40mm/HR and above can occur in case of very severe pneumonia, osteomyelitis (purulent inflammation of bone tissue), for metabolic diseases of joints, tuberculosis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, some hematologic diseases. In these cases, approximately the same figure can, without treatment, can persist for a long time.
Small shifts – up to 30 mm/hour can be caused by any mild non-purulent inflammatory diseases such as uncomplicated pneumonia, sinusta, sinusitis, uncomplicated pyelonephritis, inflammatory diseases of appendages of uterus, prostatitis, chronic infectious diseases.
To lower the ESR parameter, focus on the treatment of the underlying disease. Follow the recommendations of your doctor. Your task is to get rid of the inflammation occurring in the body, with the liquidation which will return to normal and the ESR parameter.
Be prepared for the fact that most likely, you will have to retake the clinical analysis of blood or to do a few tests in a row, to trace the dynamics of changes of the indicator of ESR on the background of the therapy.
As a subsidiary means, you can take anti-inflammatory herbal teas, to use the recipes of traditional medicine, but it does not replace treatment prescribed by your doctor.