Analyze your relationships with children of preschool age (from 1.5 to 7 years). Note how easy do you find topics for conversation, how long you can chat with the guys. In addition, you should not irritate the constant noise of children's voices. The fact that you can't for a long time to be in the company of children, suggests that you should not choose the profession of a teacher.
Study the offers of educational institutions. The departments of preschool education may be in educational institutions. In addition, educators for preschool institutions are prepared in colleges of education, in which you can do after nine years of schooling. Stop your choice at the place of study that is geographically most convenient and affordable services.
Trained not to miss classes. Those theoretical knowledge that you will receive will be a good basis for future practice. From the very beginning understand the characteristics of children of preschool age. The interaction with them differs from communication with the older kids. In kindergarten the foundations of education and training, the child learns the basics of the world. You should be able to be at the level of the child, giving preference to partnership position in the dialogue with the baby.
Learn how to build trust with the children. They intuitively feel hypocrisy in the words and actions of an adult. Without the trust of a group of children, you will not be able to manage it. Children with a check of a new person which may take some time. Always keep your promises. Not doing them a few times, you will never be able to prove to the guys on the veracity of your words. As a consequence, you will not be able to be their close person. Without this it is impossible to become a good teacher.
Always improve your professional level. Strive for continuous improvement. Practical workshops will allow you to internalize the experience of colleagues with experience and practice many situations that can arise in the process of upbringing and education of children. You made a mistake, consider it in future work.
Constantly learn something new. Today's children are very competent in many aspects of our lives. It is necessary that you were more competent than their pupils. This will help you to become authoritative for them to adults, who can give answers to many questions.