Planning the work necessary. It may be short-term and annual. And the plans of work of the teacher are different: calendar, calendar, promising every day.
Work with pupils should take place in the system, the caregiver must consider the different side activities. First thing you should pay attention to preschool education teacher is to plan the morning time. We can distinguish the following components of the plan:
1. The admission of pupils.
2. Charging.
3. Breakfast.
4. The play activity.
During the game the teacher can organize creative activities. For example, it is possible to play with various building materials (designer) or puzzles. Games can be both calm and moving (with the use of ball pins, jump ropes, etc.)
The plan should record the name of the game and specify the goal for which it is held . For example, to develop imagination of the child or the fine motor skills of hands.At this time, you can also schedule a short conversation with some of the pupils. For example, to talk about the importance of friendship in children's team or about reciprocity.
The plan should reflect the work. So, in the morning assigned duty to help arrange the glasses, plates before Breakfast. If the group is a part of nature, then you need to schedule a job to care for a pet. This type of work can be beneficial for children, as usually kids love to mess with animals. In addition, this case brought up the responsibility in preschoolers.
We should not forget about providing children with cultural and hygienic skills. It is also worth pointing out in the plan. Guys wash their hands before eating, after a walk, have your hygiene products. At this time, the children can learn poems or rhymes, chants of purity.
The next point of the plan – walk. The walk should be a morning (before bedtime) and evening (after a NAP).
The teacher needs to organize meaningful activities preschoolers on the walk. You can schedule active games on the development of reaction speed, strength, agility, intelligence. It can also be role-play games (cops and robbers, hide and seek, etc.)
On a walk, you can schedule a conversation about careful attitude to nature, to observe the life of dragonflies, butterflies, etc. you Can organize the work of the children in the beds assigned to each group. The kids with the help of a caregiver planted flowers, vegetables, care for them, monitor their development, and then self-harvest for the dining room.
Next, the educator reflects in terms of the activities of the children in the afternoon. After dinner, the lunch and sleep the afternoon pre-K, if the senior or preparatory group (engaged in learning activities. At the same time, you can assign individual work with a speech therapist. The guys willingly take part in spectacular events (puppet theatre, musical performances, literary quiz).
Then the plan is recorded the second walk (evening), return of the guys in the group for dinner. At a time when the teacher meets with the parents who have come for the children, you can schedule a short individual interviews recommendations with the parents.