Portfolio is necessary for the teacher of preschool education in order to improve their skills. Currently, such certification among teaching community is quite popular. If you try to understand what a portfolio, you should consult a dictionary and learn the word translation. A portfolio is a folder with documents. It collects all the results of the activities of the tutor, his achievements. It is easy to determine the competence of a person, his professionalism.
When the teacher begin to design the portfolio, he meets the requirements. Note the sequence of items. The first is "Introduction". It contains General information. Enter last name, first name, patronymic, what kind of education and when received, how many years working in the specialty, and when any refresher training was held. Also, this item records all the awards, diplomas and letters of thanks received by the caregiver for the last five years. All the achievements definitely confirmed copies of documents certified by the head of preschool institution.
The second section is called "Portrait". Provide personal experience in working with children tell us about their profession. Checkout this section may be in free form, at your discretion.
The third section will place the development of training and educational sessions with preschool children. Please attach photos or illustrations. Spend the introspection of the event. Don't forget to reflect on how you carry out individual and differentiated approach in its activities. Try to stick to the principle of science.
In the section "Folder of the achievements of children" it should be noted, in any event, took part of your students, any prizes won. Do not forget to specify the level of the Olympics or conference (city, district or regional).
Attach copies of documents confirming the existence of prizes or just participation. All documents included in the portfolio must be certified by the head. Or it is necessary to submit an extract from the order of the numbers.
Next, the teacher places copies of the documents confirming its professionalism. It takes into account scientific-methodical activity. These can be copies of documents indicating participation in the work of methodical Association of teachers of preschool education of different levels (municipal, district, school), to participate in various conferences, seminars, speeches by the pedagogical Council. List, in any competitions of pedagogical skill distinguished educator.
It is necessary to reflect also the use of the teacher of modern educational technology. This can be a report reflecting the choice and implementation of modern educational technologies, certified by the administration of the kindergarten.
If the teacher has a scientific research or a published article, you should note it in the portfolio.