You will need
  • computer, Internet, printer, A4 paper, pen, documents
Download standard form summary on the Internet.
Open the form and start editing.
In the middle, enter your surname and first name. Do not write in the title the word "Summary". It is in the document never appears.
Also in the middle specify the full your registered address (postal code, oblast (region), city (district), town, street, house, case, apartment).
Enter your date of birth in the format "January 5, 1975".
In the column "the Objective" describe why you need this job, what skills, qualities are you planning to have children, and then to your students. Specify teacher which category you are. For example: "the Teacher of the highest category with 23 years of teaching experience. The pursuit of creative possibilities to convey moral and spiritual qualities of children, to enrich the world of intelligent highly spiritual of the younger generation." This is the goal in summary the teachers.
In the "Experience" write in reverse chronological order your places of work (in our case, educational institutions). Enter the date of joining and date of dismissal, the name of the institution, the city where it is located, position.
Describe your functional responsibilities in office.
Under "Education," write in the years of beginning and end of the institution, its name, the faculty where you studied and obtained a profession. Be sure to specify the additional education and skills, if any. When applying for work courses are appreciated.
Under "Achievements" indicate what awards you have, how far your students have progressed in learning your methods.
In the "Personal qualities" state your business and human qualities. For example: "Responsible, punctual, creative, etc."
In the column "Contact" enter contact information (surname, name and patronymic, e-mail, phone number).