Maturation of sperm takes about 2 months, then about a month they remain active while in the male body. If ejaculation does not occur, the body "recycles" the sperm, and in their place come the following. at very frequent sex sperm fertility is sharply reduced. It actually only contains semen, and the percentage of sperm is extremely small.

How many live sperm in the vagina

An acidic vaginal environment detrimental to the sperm. It makes them move more, and the egg falls with a strong, active and tenacious sperm. Objectives of semen ─ to protect the sperm, and therefore the likelihood that sperm deposited in the vagina underwear will survive to no.

Vagina, sperm retain their activity for about 2 hours, if the woman has diseases, which shift the pH of the vagina is more acidic side, the life of the sperm is reduced significantly. With the shift to the alkaline side, which often happens with STDs, sperm cells no longer die, but almost does not move in the direction of the cervical canal. Some experts believe that alkaline vaginal environment allows to fertilize the egg the sperm that would normally not have been capable of it. This leads to a deterioration in the offspring.

The lifespan of a sperm in the fallopian tubes

In the fallopian tubes, the sperm can stay active for 6-7 days. But noticed that X-sperm travel slower and live longer whereas Y sperm are very active, but their life cycle is much shorter. This allows you to keep the balance and to give equal chances to the birth of girls and boys. So if intercourse occurs a day or the day before ovulation, most often boys are born, and if the intercourse was a few days before ovulation, then the probability of having a girl will be higher ─ slow X-sperm time to go all the way to the egg and successfully fertilize it. This is based on the physiological method of contraception ─ 7 days before ovulation are considered potentially dangerous.

High temperature is detrimental to the genetic material. If a woman has high body temperature, it is likely that a large part of the sperm will die. Excessive heat harms men. It is noticed that the men who work in hot shops, frequent saunas and baths, the activity of sperm is reduced, and their life cycle is very short.

In the external environment, provided there is sufficient moisture the sperm can live for 2-3 hours. This has the risk of pregnancy with repeated unprotected intercourse. And, although the risks are minimal, is worth a visit shower or use wipes for hygiene of the genital organs.