To send documents will have a value of many factors: time of dispatch and receipt of documents, the desired time and shipping cost. Consider all the data before sending the documents and select the most appropriate option.

Mail and postal services

Documents can be sent through Mail of Russia. Method it is quite risky for important papers, but if they are not very urgent and not exist in a single instance, you can use the services of this company. A lot of myths goes about the possibility of delivery of letters and other correspondence by Mail Russia, but in this case it is possible to order additional service "return receipt" to be confident in delivery. In addition, to increase the speed of delivery you can send the parcel by airmail and upgrades of departure from normal to the first. Such letters and parcels are treated with more attention than regular mail. Sending of documents by Post of Russia considered the budget option packages.

A more reliable way of sending important documents is Express mail. In the market of postal services of the Express-delivery of correspondence represented by different companies – DHL, EMS, Pony Express and others. Unlike conventional email these companies directly responsible for the delivery of letters and parcels, all delivered on time, within the agreed dates and even hours, but are their services quite expensive.

A train and transport company

Send documents to Saint Petersburg by train or by plane via the flight attendants. Not every conductor or flight attendant will agree to get the documents, even for a fee, but you can try to negotiate. A similar option would be sending through the transport company, the truck which transported the goods to the destination city. The only problem for these cases is the timely delivery of parcels at the train or truck. To be late for the arrival of a train or transport can not be, otherwise the parcel will get lost.

To send train of packets with documents it is possible and quite legal way of using the service delivery of the Railways. Such documents are only sent from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back on the train "Sapsan". The service cost starts from 450 rubles, and the delivery speed is 4.5 hours during daylight hours and 8-9 hours at night. To meet the parcel also need the train, but you can be sure that the documents will never be lost, because the official delivery service of the Railways is responsible for the delivery of correspondence.