The most obvious method of sending an electronic document via the Internet is e-mail. Use the snap feature attachments, which is available in almost all modern postal services. Go to your Inbox using the normal web interface (not WAP or PDA). Begin to compose a new message by clicking on the link (it may be named differently). Enter, as usual, the recipient's address, subject, and accompanying text. Then click on the special button to attach a file (it also can be called differently). Select the folder in which the file resides, and then the file itself. Then click another button to attach the selected file. If such a button, the selected file will join automatically at the time of sending. If necessary, select and attach a few files. Then send the message.
Larger electronic documents (e.g., instructions that contain several hundred pages) submit via so-called file sharing. Download the file to any of these servers, then get a special long link. This link send to the addressee in the body of the email. If necessary, explain to the recipient what it needs by clicking on this link, click for free download pause. For the duration of the pause, he can see in the adjacent browser tabs and other sites. Then you will see another button, clicking on which the recipient can download the file. If you want, send the link via email, and via instant messaging, or even dictate over the phone (but make no mistake neither in the same sign).
The third method of transmitting an electronic document is to fix it on Google Docs. To do this, create a new account in Gmail or use an existing one. Log in under the correct combination of username and password in Google Docs with any compatible browser. Create a new document or load ready format ODT, DOC or other supports system. Then send the link on it to the addressee in any way. If you want to just review this document, make the latter public, and then the recipient will not even have to register in Gmail. If you want to enable collaborative editing of a document, ask the recipient to register and tell you login. After that let me view and edit this document to the user with the proper login.