Advice 1: How to send passport by mail

Sometimes you need to forward identity documents. Is this possible, and what steps you need to take to send the passport by mail?
How to send passport by mail
Sending documents by mail within the country, ordinary parcels, letters, parcels is strictly prohibited. But we're not going for many hundreds and thousands of kilometers in order to pick up your passport? In this case you or another person (natural or legal) that needs to send you passport, you need to go to the notary who will notarize a copy of passportand send it by mail or courier service that will significantly increase the shipping time (up to 2 months). But this is the safest way to send passportand (or rather, its certified copy).
Need a passport urgently? In this case, send the original passportand the letter with the declared value. But be prepared for the fact that post offices are very reluctant to undertake the registration of letters containing important documents. This letter seems to on the operating cash Desk of the mail in the clear and sealed. Don't forget to attach the list of contentsdrawn up in form 107.
Complete 2 of the form of inventories, which specify name of the addressee, the name of the nested correspondence (in this case, passport) and mailing address of the person who will receive the letter. The amount of the assessment passportbut do not usually indicate, in the column "declared value" put a dash. In case it is lost through the fault of the postal workers made an inventory of and receipt of payment will serve as proof when restoring a passport.
The first copy of the inventory shall be certified by the seal of the post office and attached to the letter, the second – along with a receipt of payment of communication services to the sender. In order to be sure that the letter received by the addressee use the following services:
- "return receipt requested" (notify the sender about when the letter with the passportom was delivered to the addressee);
- "save it" (mark on the shipment that is sent with a return receipt).
In addition, when sending the passportand you can subscribe to a service to receive data about its location. Index of the receipt of the letter with a declared value postal service operator will provide you with this information and send it by e-mail.

Advice 2: How to send the documents by mail

It's hard to imagine the modern Internet user who would not use e-mail. Often e - mail you want to send photographs, scanned documents, spreadsheets, video files. To send documents via email is not difficult. No matter what email you use, the principle of action is the same.
How to send the documents by mail
You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet.
  • - the presence of computer files for shipment.
Go to your email Inbox. Select the option "Write a letter". In the opened template to the message, click "Attach file". This will open a window with all the file system of your computer.
Select to send the file. Click on it with the left mouse button. The file name will appear in the special line of the window. Click "Open". Wait for the download of the file. Once downloaded, the file name will appear in the list of attached files in the form of a letter. If you want to remove an attached document, click the "x" next to the name of the file.
Enter the recipient's address in the appropriate field of the email template, if necessary - the subject and body of the email. Click "Send".
On the portal Mail.Ru when sending a large file (larger than 30 MB) it automatically filled in the project Файлы@Mail.Ru. The maximum storage period is 30 days from the date of posting. This type of download is possible to use only when the browser JavaScript and installed flash player latest versions. In this download you can attach up to 50 different documents, each up to 1 GB. In the absence of the enable JavaScript and the flash player will automatically jump to the standard boot loader, which allows to attach up to 50 files with a total size of 20 MB.
Useful advice
Time download the document from the computer in an email depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file itself.

Possible value of the file-attachments in the letter is determined, in particular, and the speed of the Internet connection. Large files to a recipient with low speed connection will not accept. Such files are compressed by the archiver.

If necessary, attach to email multiple documents if you select files from your computer, hold down the Ctrl key.
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