You will need
  • - sending;
  • money.
  • - timetables.
Find out the schedule of upcoming trains passing through your town in the right direction. This can be done directly arriving at the station, call the dispatcher or looking at the Railways website or any resource that offer rail tickets.
Collect the parcel and pack it in containers that can be easily unpacked so that the conductor could ensure the legality of the contents of the parcel. Invest in a package leaflet with the contact details of the recipient and his initials. Might need a few words to describe the person that the conductor knew exactly to whom he should give the package. In an extreme case, think of some code phrase and also write it.
Come to the platform some time before the arrival of the train, to know exactly the place to stop and not to get lost in the crowd. Wait for when the cars will take passengers and go to the conductor, which is not busy checking tickets. Explain to him your request and if he agrees to pass the parcel, check the cost of the service. Write down the car number and the name of the conductor. These data and time, date of arrival and name of the train, you must tell the recipient of the parcel.
Contact the head of the station or in a dedicated service center, if you do not want to entrust the parcel to a stranger who can't provide you with any supporting documents. Since 2009, the Railways have legalized the transfer of parcels and packages on their trains. But be careful, the weight of things passed should not exceed 500 g. in addition, this service may not apply to all railway directions. Keep in mind that to find out about how can I send a package this way, please.