Please Mail of Russia. Check the list of prohibited things and make sure your mail doesn't contain them. Take 2 of the form of the receipts and enter each of them your full name, home address, and the address and name of the recipient in St.Petersburg. If you want the parcel was sent by airmail, take about it the mark in receipts. However, the shipping cost in this case will naturally be higher. Make an inventory of nested things.
Contact window handling with receipts and inventory. Pack the parcel in conjunction with the postal worker and weigh it. The postal worker must indicate in the receipt the weight of the package, to record information about it in the computer, and then print the marking sheet with information indicated in the receipt (name and address of the sender and recipient). This sheet is pasted on the parcel, then you will have to pay the receipt. If you want to track the location of a parcel, notify the operator and pay for this service.
Please contact one of the private services Express delivery of mail, including parcels. To apply to such a service you can and through the Internet. The courier arrives at your address with the application forms, one of which after filling will stay with you. Weigh the parcel courier will also in your presence. Then you will only pay a filing fee receipt, or, if you are a regular customer of this company, to repay the invoice that will be sent early next month. Please note: shipping cost in such companies is always more expensive, but you will be able to maintain the confidentiality of your shipment if necessary.
Refer to the drivers-dalnoboyshiki or the conductors of the trains departing to Saint Petersburg, and ask them to pass the parcel. Before that, phoned the recipient of the parcel and notify them about the time of its arrival. This method, of course, is not reliable, so ask your driver or guide and that delivery services will be paid only in St.Petersburg, as well as notify the recipient.
Sending a parcel to Saint Petersburg from abroad is usually done by mail or through private companies that have a contract with the Mail of the Russian Federation about delivery, since such firms can trace the path of departure to the border with our country. In addition, the cost of the services of private companies are usually more expensive, but you can trace the path of the parcel, even if it weight less than 2 kg, which is impossible when dealing with the state post office.