Advice 1: How to send documents to other city

Despite the wide spread of electronic means of communication in everyday life, they are not always possible to do. When you need to provide the original document (for transactions, admission to College, etc.), have to resort to traditional mail or its analogues.
How to send documents to other city
Russian Post
Use one of the traditional postal services for sending documents: send a letter, parcel or a parcel with a declared value. However, lowered in the usual blue box letter can circle sorting items of mail for weeks long, so for urgent deliveries, this method is not really suitable. The same Mail of Russia offers a reasonable compromise between speed of departure and the cost in the form of so-called "Departures of the first class". This delivery type is only available in the country. Shipping in envelopes with a yellow stripe and a special logo is in a short time thanks to the system of sorting letters and logistics, as well as a fully air route.
Refer to the services of EMS, a subsidiary of the same Mail of Russia. EMS is engaged in Express delivery, covering an area of 190 countries. To ship accept almost all types of documents, the total weight of the shipment on the Russian Federation must not exceed 31,5 kg. Call the courier on the phone or using the contact form in the website of the operator. Employee will take your documents, take the destination address and accept the payment. The operator argues that the departure from the capital to St. Petersburg go 2-4 days in Chelyabinsk 3-5 days in Vladivostok - 4-7 days.
DHL, PonyExpress, FedEx and other services
For the most rapid and reliable document delivery use the services of one of the major companies in logistics. Prepare documents to be sent and call the home or office of the courier operator. To prevent errors in the itinerary, ask the employee involved with the delivery, to check the correctness of filling it out in your presence. One or two day your documents reach their destination in the country. The lack of private courier services one high enough rates.
Useful advice
Remember the mailing code, to be able to track her movements. This service provides now not only the private enterprises of logistics, but also the Russian Post.

Advice 2: How to send a letter by dhl

Sending important documents is not always possible to trust regular mail. Sending a valuable shipment best using a proven and reliable firm that will deliver it to your destination. One such company is DHL.
How to send a letter by dhl
You will need
  • phone;
  • - Internet;
  • - money.
Inquire about rates for postal services of DHL. To know the full value of your shipment you can call the nearest office in your city or by phone toll-free hotline 8-800-100-30-85. Besides, on the official website of the company has an online"calculator" with which you will be able to plan your expenses.
If you intend to send via DHL is not only a letter, it is advisable to sign a customer agreement. He will give you the opportunity to enjoy a number of advantages: to track the whereabouts of your shipment, to obtain faster service, manage your personal account.
Fill in the required details on the envelope. You can do it yourself or with the help of the operator of the company. You will need: the address and postcode of the recipient, and the name and surname of the addressee. In case of urgent delivery, you must also specify the recipient's mobile phone.
Choose the most convenient rate. It depends not only on the weight of the letter and its destination, but also speed of delivery. When planning your shipments, take into account that the services of DHL – one of the most expensive on the market. But the company has a flexible pricing system as well as a "payment recipient".
If you use the services of DHL constantly, download to your computer application DHL Web Shipping. This program will help you to get all necessary information online, to inform the receiver about sending of correspondence, maintain database of contacts, to pay.
Useful advice
When sending emails you can use service of the courier, fill out an application on the company website or by phone. For this you need to pre-enter information about the letter and choose the payment method.
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