You will need
  • envelope;
  • - the form of notification of receipt;
  • - handle;
  • - money.
Make a copy of the documents before you send them. It will need to ensure that in case of loss of the letters you have not had a problem with their recovery. As a rule, letters with notice of receipt sent important documents, and the sender must be sure that the letter was delivered. After the addressee receives the letter, you will be sent a notification with an appropriate note.
Visit the nearest branch of Mail of Russia and send a registered letter with notification on delivery. To do this correctly arrange the envelope. In its upper left corner to include your full name without abbreviations, then write code and postal address. In the lower right corner, specify the name of the recipient, its code and address.
Ask the staff mail the form of notification of delivery and fill it. This form can be found on the Internet, print out and fill in yourself at home. On the front side in the section "notifications" check the box next to "Simple". In the section "administration" tick select "Letter" and "Custom". Here in the "to" and "Address" field, enter your full name and mailing address that will recieve the notification.
Complete the reverse side of the notice. In the column "Species of origin" write "a Registered letter with notification". Here you will see the string "the name of the addressee" and "Address". Specify the name of the recipient Your email, postal address and postcode. The remaining lines blank because they will be filled by employees of Mail of Russia.
Ask where is the window in which to accept a registered letter. Put your letter in there and make a fee for it. Wait until the postal worker will give you a check. Don't discard it, because it will be confirmation that you sent a registered letter.